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PageRank Dropped Again - Google Dropped my PR to 3, ProBlogger and John Chow to 4 ... Have you dropped again too?

Google drops PageRanks again!

My pagerank already went from a 5 to a 4, now it's a 3 -- but Google already penalized this site so that I no longer rank for "Paula Mooney" or "blogger salaries" or other stuff.

Oh well, it just gives me more time and inclination to reposition myself and focus on my other websites.

But it turns out I'm far from alone in Google's latest PageRank dropping nightmare. Maybe it's not really about paid links at all -- or more precisely, maybe it ALL about paid links and text-link-ads and PPP and more.

Maybe Google thought they gave too much power to sites with higher PRs, and all the advertising revenue that garners them, so this might be a day of equalizing.

How'd I Find Out About Google's Latest PageRank Drop?

Daniel over at Daily Blog Tips wrote another great post about all these major sites that Google has dropped their PageRanks again (I told him he could add John Chow to his list, who has dropped from PR 6 to 5 to 4):

Andy Beard's PR dropped, too.

Looks like other folks are feeling the Google Pagerank dropping pinch, or just chatting about PR:

Google Declares Jihad On Blog Link Farms12 minutes ago by Duncan Riley
A major Google page rank update has punished large scale blog link farms and similar sites indulging in heavy cross linking by dramatically cutting their Google page rank scores. There is some suggestion that the changes may be related ...

Google Reduces PageRank of Many Sites29 minutes ago by Andy Beal
Both Daily Blog Tips and Andy Beard are covering a dramatic drop in PageRank for some very popular web sites. The drop happened overnight and while there’s no concrete evidence as to why, speculation includes selling links or ...

Are You Linking To Me?- Better Take Those Links Down!!! hour ago by Vlad
The drop in page rank from PR4 to PR2 is significant I would say. So am Ia bad neighborhood? I wish Google would put out a list of websites that are qualified as “bad websites to link to”. There are about 500 blogs out there that link ...

My One-Woman Ban Google Crusade.1 hour ago by Beth
My page-rank, which was a 5 for two years, has now dropped down to a 3. Why? Because I am paid to write posts or provide advertising to companies. Google, who started out in a garage and up against the big dog at the time, Yahoo, ...

Has TrustRank Arrived?3 hours ago by Cash Quests
So Problogger has dropped it’s Google PageRank to PR4 and so has Copyblogger. Evil genius John Chow was a PR6 a few weeks ago before dropping down to PR5 and just hours ago he went down to PR4. My verdict - TrustRank is here! ..

Google on the Warpath4 hours ago by Steve D
One of the biggest “Make Money Online” blogs, has seen his Page Rank drop from a six to a four over the last few weeks. John has had other problems with Google in the past. Earlier in the year he ran a “review me for a ...

Why I’m giving up hundreds of bucks a month . . . and smiling4 hours ago
Because of my Page Rank 4 on Romance Tracker, I had been making about 100 bucks a month with Text Link Ads, which is a nice chunk of change. But the fact remains that 100 bucks a month is a lot less than I’m making with Adsense, ...

PR Update Today - Many Sink5 hours ago by DazzlinDonna
If PageRank falls, but rankings and traffic stay the same, does anyone hear it drop? I don’t really pay attention to other sites’ PageRank, so it’s hard for me to tell who droppped and who didn’t, so if you know of any big names out ...

Comments said…
Me too, I lost another round of PR today. So, in total, I lost 2 ranks since the first update. But the funny thing is one of my site which I used for blog aggregator (of my friends' blogs) remained a PR5/10. I don't need to lift a finger to do anything to that site and it stays PR5/10. It made me sick 'cos there are so many of such spammy sites and they probably go scot free.
Opal Tribble said…
Perhaps it's temporary? One of my buddies dropped and I see he is back to a five. Mine is down to a PR of 2.

My traffic seems to have stayed the same. I'm still ranking for my keywords. I'm not dependent on Google to monetize my website or receive traffic.

My websites are mine. I paid for them. I'll link to whomever I want.I don't link to bad websites but I do have a paid advertiser and I'm not going to make it nofollow. I like the company. I got that advertiser on my own.

I do think that some people are too dependent on Google and perhaps they should be looking at other ways to generate traffic. I've never paid too much attention to PR so this for me is no big deal.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
I'm still at a PR'm on par with John Chow!

I don;t do many paid ads anymore. I do, do Adsense, and I am a DOFOLLOW.

It hasn't affected my traffic or my Adsense revenue!
maurizio said…
I'm down to 2 (from 3) :(
But I'm still in some way relevant on google' search.
Thiru said…
I was at zero and remained in zero. Google could not drop by pagerank!
kystorms said…
I too have been smacked by Google Paula, but as i read over at Robert Scoble's blog
that page rank has been dead for a long time anyway, great read.
I will keep relying on my word of mouth for my stats, that is what i hope will be what eventually makes me money.
I do feel upset that Google seems to want to penalize some for just trying to make some extra cash, lets hope that is not what is going on here.
Car Audio said…
I read Andy's blog and your comment on it. I think that we should wait and watch for a while. Google is bound to come out with a statement. The negative publicity is not doing them any good.
tAnYeTTa said…
I don't even know what my page rank is or where to find it. I'm sure i'm not in the top 10! *sigh* ;)
Bedrooms said…
Lets hope this is just temporary. The entire blogosphere is reeling with anger over this. I wonder if Google wants Adsense to be the only means of income for blogs !?
Fashion Girl said…
I'm at 3. When will I go to 4 ? :((

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