Someone worked hard on this website...

by Paula Neal Mooney

Whenever I visit a website, I check out the design and everything thru my webmaster's eyes. I can't help it.

So the first time I visited, with its tons and tons of celebrity hairstyle pics of stars like Halle Berry -- organized by year, no less -- I thought to myself: Somebody worked hard on this website...

That's because I know just how long it takes to upload that many pics and tag them correctly by year and such.

Everything has done, I want to figure out how to do:

  • Create options that let people log in after signing up with either a free registration (which is what I did, but they also offer paid registrations for 3-month and longer options.)
  • Allow people to upload their pics
  • Create product reviews posted by their users
  • Have a great website design that's clean and easy to follow
So has put a fire in me to make over my own thinking as a webmaster.

I plan to "make over" my website creation thinking into learning how to create a clean design that allows users to login and create their own content that helps each other out -- and helps me to bring in the ad revenue from those slick "Ads by Glam" that I see all the nicer websites like enjoy.

Time to make over my HTML and CSS skills...

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