YBF Blog - Young Black Fabulous Blogspot .Com Gossip Website Hard to Find, But Still Breaking the News Like Rhymes With Snitch, Who Makes No Money

YBF.com is not the Young Black and Fabulous blog that used to be on a blogspot.com address.

No, the real Young, Black and Fabulous .com can be found at TheYBF.com -- that's because cyber-squatters realize the importance of all the Young, Black and Fabulous traffic that that site gets.

Even TMZ.com -- TMZ!!!! -- linked to YBF's piece about Lauryn Hill being pregnant with her 5th child by a Marley man (hope it's true -- care for me, care for me, said you'd care for me...)

At least the crazy-popular site Young, Black and Fabulous is monetized.

Rhymes With Snitch (who has a Google PageRank of 6 -- and also got a link from TMZ.com when he or she -- I think it's a she -- broke the El Debarge story) is one of those webmasters that works hard but makes no money off their site from what I can see!

I've emailed the Rhymes With Snitch lady to tell her to enable her post pages so that at least she'd have individual URLs, but she hasn't.

It's not that I think the webmaster is rich and doesn't want to make money.

I believe the Rhymes With Snitch writer honestly probably don't know how to take advantage of Google Adsense ads and such to monetize all their traffic.

Maybe I'm wrong. And I know money isn't everything. Some people actually write for the fun (or poison pen) of it all...

Some people want to remain anonymous, and are afraid (rightly so) that their ads could get them found out somehow and Dooced.

But just imagine. The Rhymes With Snitch blogger probably has missed out on $50k worth of ad revenue since she began blogging.


Car Audio said…
I like to write for fun. I also like to remain anonymous. I also believe that blogging is a pastime for me and not my main or even secondary source of income. I just enjoy blogging and reading blogs of others.
Hi Paula,
I am also just writing for the blog of it.
Online Gaming said…
Well I can't think of anyone, no matter how rich, is willing to part with 50k over something as silly as adsense! Your post hopefully got her thinking about monetizing and making money off her hardwork

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