Can I Sing About my Maker? ... Building up

Google penalizing the URL (for whatever unknown reason), has compelled me to build up the URL I've owned for several months now.

So I've switched from redirecting to this blog, and loaded up WordPress on it, and have started blogging separately over there.

Since has been linked to and is already being crawled regularly by Google, I figured I might as well build that puppy up and SEO that mug -- since most of my SEO efforts on this penalized blog are for naught.

I'm not ditching the URL -- it still has a great Alexa rank and PR of 3 from Google, so it's still good for blogging tips and paid postings -- but not SEO'd posts.

The "big Googe" ranks them too low in the SERPs.

The will be a hodgepodge of stuff like my complete infatuation with the song "Fence Riders" by Jimmy Needham I heard last night and keep playing over and over again from his MySpace page.


kystorms said…
HI Paula!!!

I too am thinking seriously about yanking my blog off blogger, for many reasons such as lack of real creative license as well as the lack of space provided.
I am glad to know you will be doing more with your other venture, but will still be here too. I would miss this blog :-)
Opal Tribble said…
Ny traffic has not suffered at Vegan Momma it keeps increasing each month. My new websites went up to a three. Two were ranked at two. I don't do anything with them at the moment, and a one that I have not publicized now has a PR of 5. The majority of my traffic does not come from search engines, I get a lot on my niche websites from Referrals, and social networks. I did not want to be dependent on search engines so with my newer websites I made sure that I could still do fine regardless.

I do think it's a good idea to move to your own place that way you don't have to worry about your blog being canceled. I have heard that has happened to a few people for no apparent reason.
Car Audio said…
I shall keep visiting this blog!
Bonnie Calhoun said…
Hi Paula girl...LOL...I don't know where you find the time!

kystorms...I'm not sure what you mean by lack of real creative license, or space provided?

And Opal...LOL..I work for Google on the Blogger Help boards...LOL...NO ONE has a blog canceled for no apparant reason!
Barry Cox said…
Sorry to hear about your blog being penalized. I'm new to the website game, and my new site finally got a little green love. Haa. Has anyone come out and said why all these sites got penalized? It seems like there's a lot of sites that weren't selling links or buying links that got a drop in PR.
Hey Everybody -

Thanks for all these great comments.

I read them all, even if I don't always get to respond individually.

Um...I'm so glad that Google has restored the PR of this blog up to a 4, and given many of my other sites PRs that never had them before.

So I'm continuing to plug away at the niche stuff!

Google just doesn't seem to like paid posting, but I'll probably keep doing it for this blog, at least.

Take care and happy Wednesday,
Jose said…
Hi Paula,

Does this mean I have to update my blogroll, again?

Just kiddin! ;)


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