I Am Legend Movie Trailer 2 Releases to Much Buzz...

Everyone's all buzzed-up about the I Am Legend 2 movie trailer that's hit the net overnight. (Just click the Will Smith pic to view it.)

And what an amazing movie "I Am Legend" appears to be. Just imagine being the last person on earth -- or at least thinking you are the last person on earth, and dealing with your grief and fear and horniness without killing yourself.

The release date of "I Am Legend" is December 14th, so that means the "I Am Legend" DVD will probably emerge around mid-Spring 2008 or so, maybe earlier or later.

And just imagine if you could watch that movie in a comfy viewing room with home theater seating and surround-sound and such.

How awesome would that be? Of course, it'd be fun with friends and food around.

Guys especially like that sort of stuff. The noise that makes you believe you're actually experiencing the crazy, daring adventures the people in the movie are going thru.

Those chairs remind me of Joey and Chandler from Friends, who always used to watch Baywatch and other TV programs from the comfort of their seats.

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Anime said…
seem like it is a good movie :D

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