Blog or Work Out?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Blog or workout.

That was my choice this morning, a Thursday.

I'd just hit the health club on Tuesday, so it's not like it's been forever since I worked out -- but after watching Oprah talk about her sluggish thyroid and that New-Agey but wonderful author Dr. Christine Northrup talk about how important it is for us giving-it-all-to-our-families-women to exercise, I thought about being a gym rat today.

But alas, all my website children were calling me louder than the treadmill today. I could feel the Bill Cosby's appearance on Oprah story needing tending.

There was more time and desire to update my blog in these wee mid-morning hours, and chat with a workout buddy on the phone.

Tomorrow is a different story.

My flab-threatening deltoids will get more attention than the blogs.

I've promised myself I will hit a store or website and buy some great Sporting goods and workout gear that compels me to get back on a stairmaster or the weight room till I start looking more like that woman in the pic above.

"Did you get tickets?"
Dwight Schrute asked Jim Halpert on The Office.

"To what?"

"The gun show..." he said, kissing his flexed bicep.

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Car Audio said…
How many times have I made similar promises! Unless you stop giving excuses, you will end up with a wardrobe full of gym clothes, unused, like mine!
samira said…
Oh, I totally feel with you... it always costs you quite an effort to hit the gym... AND the couch & chocolate combination is often more tantalizing...;)

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