Fried Coke Recipe -- Has the official recipe for deep fried Coke balls finally been revealed?

The Fried Coke recipe balls have been revealed here. (Is that the official recipe?)

I wrote about searching for the Fried Coke recipe balls (that's another version)nearly a year ago, and now today Fried Coke is all the rage again for some reason.

As if we haven't battered and deep-fried enough stuff under the sun, now comes deep Fried coke. But how on earth do you deep fry a liquid?

Turns out you don't, according an original article published in 2006 that only alluded to the deep fried Coke recipe without giving too many particulars, calling them "gooey Coke-battered nuggets topped with cola syrup."

Now the deep fried phenomenon has spread and Yahoo is abuzz with searches for "deep fried coke recipe" or just plain ol' "deep fried coke." Read more about Fried Coke balls here...



Bonnie Calhoun said…
One of my writer friends was actually at the Texas fair last week and had the fried Coke! I'm not a soft-drink user, so it wouldn't entice me!
JA Huber said…
After all the hype, I tried fried Coke at the county fair in March - it was like eating sugary fried dough.
Car Audio said…
For a moment you had me gasping for air. I went to the link given by you and came back to normal.

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