Whoopi: "Al Sharpton, Duke 3 Apology, Please!"

Yesterday on The View, Whoopi gained my vote when she said that Al Sharpton should apologize to the Duke 3.

The rant was that Al Sharpton wants Isaiah Thomas to apologize to us black women by this Friday, or else he will spearhead a boycott of the Knickerbockers.

"She loves the Knicks," my husband chimed in about Whoopi, as I agreed that Sharpton should be just as willing to apologize to the wrongly-accused-of-rape Duke 3.

How do we save the polar bears from drowning?

That was the next question posed on The View yesterday, during Anderson Cooper's segment about helping to save the environment.

Joy Behar got all
verklempt -- okay, not really choked up, but I just like using Yiddish whenever I can -- and was her usual lovable, spastic self.

"Whenever I see these types of films, even like Al Gore’s film, which was brilliant...I never know, what am I supposed to do? I mean, besides vote for people who are pro-environment, and who don’t vote against, you know, environmental laws, what else can the average person do? It upsets me to see polar bears disappearing."

Well, today when I learned about the BP Solar Decathlon and all these amazing solar-powered and nicely liveable houses that BP is having built to help show us literally how we can live in a manner that is more green, I thought of Joy Behar's feeling of helplessness.

But Joy should take joy in projects like BP's solar decathlon, which brings the brightest minds from all these colleges together to create solar-powered homes -- just look at MIT's house pictured here!

And check out the blogs of these BP Solar Decathlon people to learn the progress:

Carnegie Mellon
Georgia Tech
Lawrence Technological University
New York Institute of Technology
Penn State
Santa Clara University
Team Montréal
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Texas A&M
Universidad de Puerto Rico
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
University of Cincinnati
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Maryland
University of Missouri at Rolla
University of Texas


Yobachi said…
What did Al Shaprton do that he needs to apologize to the Duke kids for?
Whoopi said that Al Sharpton was leading the rallies and marches against the Duke 3, but when they were found not guilty, there was nary a word from Sharpton.

I don't know...

What do you all think?

Should Isaiah Thomas apologize?

Are you all going to boycott The Knicks if he doesn't?
Anonymous said…
Lord, for the sake of mankind, please make female degradation stop.

Thomas should apologize at a press conference but not alone.

It unfortunately appears society has reached the slippery slope whereby it is acceptable to degrade women. The “B” and “H” words have become as universal as the “N” word. The “B” and “H” words appear to primarily apply to degrading black women today but trends that start in African-American culture tend to become universal popular culture, i.e., Hip Hop, death of the traditional family, etc.

TV’s Bill Maher and South Park have routinely used those words with no apparent incident. Where is the outrage? Perhaps, Bill Maher, South Park’s writers, Viacom, Time Warner and all affiliated should apologize with Thomas at the same forum or risk being boycotted.

All major record labels should take turns apologizing along with Thomas or risk being boycotted.

Sharpton, should not only apologize to the Duke 3 and the world for the Tawana Brawley case but he should also apologize to Black America for his continuing to embarrass black folks. Sharpton’s “shake down” services should be boycotted.

The media should apologize to black folks for dignifying Sharpton or, you guessed it, risk being boycotted.
Car Audio said…
I am not qualified to comment on Whoopie's comments, although I adore her. I can however suggest some things that we ordinary people can do towards the environment project. Power saving bulbs, switching off unwanted electrical gadgets fully, better insulation to lower heating costs, recycling, and so on and so forth. There are a number of websites that give more exhaustive advise.

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