Watch The View Online -- Sharpton Letter to Whoopi

Watch The View online, video of Al Sharpton's letter to Whoopi in response of her calling on the preacher to apologize to the Duke 3.

Al Sharpton said he didn't need to apologize to the Duke 3, because he said he took no position on the Duke 3 rape case, as Whoopi said.

But this guy says that Al Sharpton was more involved in persecuting the Duke 3 than he's stating now.

Who's right?


Hair Removal said…
The ladies look STUNNING....
tAnYeTTa said…
you know what, i have tried to watch that show. the thought of a group of women, men, or whatever just makes my skin crawl. everyone's talking at the same time. my goodness, i have attention issues. i guess that's why i can't watch hannity and colmes without running out the room. my hunny says--- it's a debate show that's what they do!! LOL
Hey Tanyetta -

You always crack me up.

I feel the same way sometimes when there's too much conversation going on at once!

Women want to follow all streams of the conversation.

Did you see "Why Did I Get Married?" yet?

It was so good!

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