Meatball Sundae book by Seth Godin: It's no longer all about long tail marketing -- Who, not how many...

So I just read a Time magazine review of the book Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin.

I mean, who the heck knew that 47-year-old Seth Godin got his first email address 30 years ago when he was in high school, and way back in the mainframe days recognized the value of the future face that is the crazy-popular Internet?

Who knew he sold his company to Yahoo for something like $30 million bucks?

Not I, but now I do...

So, Seth's predictions for the future of net marketing?

It's less volume, more precision.

For example, the whole long tail concept is so yesterday.

These days, it's more about who is the go-to person, instead of how many things you can cram in one place.


It is hard to believe that long tail would go by the wayside. This sounds like an intersting read.
Looks like a good read .. I'll probably drop by the bookstore tomorrow to see if its worth it. Thanks.
dave said…
First email address 30 years ago? Certainly shows a lot of foresight! Now please just tell me what the next big thing's going to be... Biotech? Nanotech?
BigRonn said…
Hey Paula,

No doubt Seth knows his stuff.
I look forward to reading this!
Great Blog ... continued success.
Jenna said…
Thanks for sharing! It looks like it would be an excellent book to read -- I'll have to look into it!

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