Firefox 3 Beta 4 - Download Firefox's latest free browser version 3 beta 4...

Firefox 3 Beta 4 Version Released - Download Firefox's Latest Browser Free...

Download Firefox 3 Beta 4 with Google Toolbar Free

It's no secret how much I love Firefox as a web browser.

I use Firefox so much more than IE.

So today Firefox has released a new version, Firefox 3 Beta 4.

When you click the above link to download Firefox, they'll tell give you a link to upgrade.

Hopefully this will fix the issue of Firefox not being the best at keeping bookmarks -- but Firefox is so great at remembering all my multitude of passwords, it's all worth it.

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Hi I love firefox also.
You are so right when you a say it helps with remembering all your login/passwords.
It's a lifesaver

Great blog

Expat said…
I'm having some prob with the google tool bar with the firefox. The page rank option is not giving me right result.
fiona erna said…
What I love about Firefox is that it can stopsannoying popup windows dead in their tracks. Experience the web as it was supposed to be - peaceful, convenient, accessible, dont you think? :-)
Akhmad Guntar said…
Yes, Firefox is indeed cool. Firefox makes it easy to keep track of information that the browser has stored while you've been surfing, such as things you've typed into forms, Cookies, files you've downloaded, pages you've visited (History), and so on. If you're using a public or shared computer, you can also instantly clear all stored information with a single click.
Yeah, Firefox is very cool about blocking those pop-up ads.

And though sometimes it does close unexpectedly, at least it gives you the option to "restore session" to go back where you were.

My husband still prefers IE but I'm all over Firefox!
Dre said…
I have been a Firefox user since I learned about it. I love how I can customize it by adding plugins and of course keeping up with my passwords.

Great blog, by the way.

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