What Google Adsense ads do people click on the most?

I just took an interesting journey to finally find under "Adsense Setup" and "Ad Review Center" to figure out how I could block categories of ads from showing up on my websites.

I write so much on on this site about the scam ads I find, I didn't want to contribute to any of them. So I've ended up blocking the "get rich quick" category -- and most all of the others below.

I wonder what ads will show in their wake?

In the meantime, you can tell what people click on:
Category   % Recent Earnings % Recent Ad Impressions
1.3% 2.6%

Includes lifts, suctions, lasers, hair removal and restoration, tattoos, and body modification.
0.6% 2.2%

Includes dating services and online dating communities.
2.3% 2.7%

Includes pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements, and related retailers; does not include resources providing information about drugs.
18.7% 13.8%

Schemes promising fast earning.
0.2% 2.5%

Includes politics or controversial social issues; does not include ads for news organizations that are not generally associated with a partisan viewpoint on issues.
6.6% 4.6%

Includes ads that are sexually suggestive, relate to sexual and reproductive health, or refer to sex and sexuality.
1.5% 3.6%

Includes religious ads and ads advocating for or against religious views; does not include astrology or non-denominational spirituality.
2.2% 2.0%

Mobile add-ons including ringtones, and other downloadable goodies such as screensavers and wallpapers for desktop PCs and profile layouts and graphics for social networks.
0.7% 0.6%

Includes sexual function and fertility ads; does not include normal pregnancy resources.
1.0% 1.9%

Includes video games, online games and downloadable games; does not include video game consoles.
7.9% 3.9%

Includes weight loss, dieting, and related products and programs; doesn't include healthy eating or general fitness ads.


Nathan said…
Very interesting blog.In my opinion most people click on weight loss and on general health ads.

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