~$30 per day in Google Adsense earnings: Making more money with Adsense ads

Lately I've been really studying my Google Adsense ads and hoping and praying they will increase to beyond the days when I made $5,000 per month in Adsense income before I got my WatchFreeEpisodes.com website banned when I used the wp-o-matic Wordpress plugin willy-nilly to auto-post hundreds of scraped post snippets.

These days, my most-trafficked website right now is PaulaNealMooney.com, where I write about anything from How to Publish Your Own Kindle Book from a Microsoft Word Document to product reviews to the fact that our power went out in Akron, Ohio, last night -- due to a car hitting a pole that fell on power lines.

Getting nearly 2,000 pageviews per day...after Google took away my "Paula Mooney" ranking then gave it back
I call that PaulaNealMooney.com my anything and everything website, because I don't want to be boxed into one topic. I started that site back on May 10, 2007, after Google took away my ranking for "Paula Mooney" on this blogspot blog, because I didn't fully realize that repeatedly linking to myself with that name to this blog within this blog would get me Google "bombed" for that search term.

But it was a good mistake, because it forced me to get away from Blogger/Blogspot temporarily and start my own dot coms using WordPress.org self-hosted content management system, and learn how to set up sites with web hosting services like DreamHost.

It forced me to take a step that I'd been putting off -- and after I set up my own dot coms and began building those up, Google eventually gave me my ranking back on my name, perhaps after a few months.

These days, if you type "Paula Mooney" into Google, you'll get this blog, PaulaMooney.blogspot.com as the first result, and typing in "Paula Neal Mooney" will get you PaulaNealMooney.com as the top result.

That's good for reputation management, but on to the money...

Around $30 per day in Google Adsense income
As many of my readers know, I went off on a Examiner.com tangent (sorry!) for a while, since I began working for them in September 2009. I still write for Examiner, but after the Google Panda Farmer update, I'm once again realizing the importance of owning your own websites -- and making money through many different means.

To that end, along with all my Examiner.com writing, I've spent the last month or so tweaking my sites to see what pays more in Adsense income.

One thing I changed that I really believe helps is putting Google Adsense ads inside my blog posts, left-justified with the content.

It puts them more front and center (in terms of where the eye naturally falls for readers), instead of having them by themselves below the title without text around them. As my traffic increases, I will be able to test out my theories even more when I track how readers react to ads on a larger scale -- and study how much certain ad channels pay, and their click-through rates.

Starting new websites to increase Adsense revenue
I always remember what Rosalind Gardner wrote in her book The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People's Stuff Online.

She suggested setting up a new niche-specific website, not a "shopping mall" free-for-all type of website, every 90 days.

Well, lately, I feel like I've been setting up a new website every nine days or so! First there were the Spanx' websites, but the one for men ranked great for the "Spanx for men" search term, but I think I got a little too happy building links too fast via Build My Rank, and perhaps with too much Spanx for men wording in the anchor text, because Google took away my rank for "Spanx for men" on that exact-match domain, however, the site is not de-indexed and it still gets searches for other terms. (Same deal for SpanxSwimsuit.com)

The SpanxSwimwear.com and SpanxBathingSuits.com are still doing okay for their exact-match search terms, so I will be careful moving forward in linking to them with more varied anchor texts, and not as quickly -- perhaps a few links per week.

Plus -- a cool way to find content for all these niche sites is to set up Google Alerts for "Spanx for men" or other exact terms and have them emailed to me each day. That reminds me to blog about that term on my niche sites to have fresh content building up. The Google Alerts let me know what others are saying about specific topics, and gives me ideas to write about that topic -- along with teaching me new news and introducing me to new writers.

Which websites pay more money in Google Adsense ads?
Part of me swears that my "Watch TV Online" type of website paid more money in the past, so that's why I set up that new one. I wanted a place to blog about TV shows and where to find certain videos that didn't fit into any of my Examiner.com writing channels, so it was time for me to get over the fact that after two years of WatchFreeEpisodes.com getting banned by Google, they probably won't reindex it again, even after filling out the reconsideration request. (The good thing about being banned by Google is that you don't have to worry about turning the site into a video aggregator -- because you're already banned!)

In that new site, tvshowsonlinetv.com, you can see that I'm playing around with image-only Adsense ads (including video ads) left-justified in the content. I'm also using the Watch TV Online targeted ad channel I'd already set up in my Adsense account. I go into more detail about how to set up your Google Adsense channels here.

We aren't supposed to reveal specific clicks and rates, I believe, but I noticed the click-through rate is always higher on those Watch TV Online channels. I don't know if it's because I took the time to target the channel and I've got better advertisers or what. (I did block the get rich quick and scammy ads and adult ads -- hopefully! I did see a curious ad on that TV site the other day.)

Anyway, the above pic only tells half the story. Yes, the PaulaNealMooney.com website is bringing in more money as of this writing because it has the most traffic right now, but the click-thru rates on the Watch TV Online channel is higher, so getting that traffic up should make the Adsense monies go up, too.

Plus, I was surprised that the Adsense ads at the bottom of the posts get decent clicks, too, but the ads justified inside the post are paying the most right now. And I love those little one off clicks you'll see sometimes that pay an astonishing 2 bucks per click or more. (I remember the days when I was an Adwords advertiser paying that amount sometimes and wondering, What???!!!)

I also started a website that answers consumers questions about where to buy certain online products they're seeking, so that will help me see how the leaderboard ads paying versus the link ads at the top, etc.

So that's my Adsense story right now. Seeing as though I want to pay the IRS off ASAP, I'm focused on Adsense ads, because whatever I make in April 2011 will be in my bank account before the end of May 2011 -- and I like how quickly Google pays, as compared to programs like Amazon Associates, where you have to wait a month in between.

Leave a comment and tell me how much you're making in Adsense each day -- plus any tips you have that increased your Google Adsense income. Thanks!


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