April 12, 2011, success moves done

  1. Got so much done today -- A LOT of tasks that will pay off in the short and long term. Verified most all my sites on Bing Webmasters Tools, since they are creeping up on Google -- learned about Bing SEO from PotPieGirl.com and got a helpful free ebook from her site
  2. Installed Thesis Open Hook on nearly all my sites
  3. Learned that Bing and Google and Yahoo really look at the American Chronicle backlinks, so I will get more of those and a boost for lots of my links to the #1 spot on Google serps for many successful and well-searched-for and profitable terms
  4. Wrote up a nice piece on the blackhat worm virus thing to warn people about the attempt that was thankfully blocked on my site PaulaNealMooney.com
  5. Wrote up a piece on Wess Morgan on my Examiner channel, plus a good one about the $114 Kindle!
  6. Also wrote and published a piece on the Walmart gift card scam ads that are getting traffic
  7. Wrote this piece on my success so I feel better about getting so much accomplished thus far


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