Tim Ferriss' California wine country conference will bring him $1.4 to $2 million for 'Opening the Kimono'

Timothy Ferriss, the four-hour guy just wrote about a California wine country conference in a secret location to happen from August 19 - 21, 2011.

Sounded great so far -- I used to live near wine country, and have enjoyed both Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley wineries and spas and had a good time.

The conference disallows any reporting, recording, etc.

It's open to 200 people and I said "Woo hoo" or something like that when I saw the cost:

$7,000 if you sign up this week
$8,500 if you sign up next week
$10,000 if you sign up the week after that

So if all 200 people sign up this week, that's $1.4 million grossed... if all 200 wait till the week after that, that's $2 million grossed.

Yowza! I'm learning not to hate or have any ill will towards people with money, as learned in the Secrets of a Millionaire Mind book.

I hope the gathering is worth it. Maybe they'll be so tipsy, they'll think they're getting great tips.

But seriously, I sent his Four-Hour Work Week book to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, yet I haven't read all of his stuff yet. I do like his energy, and plenty of people rave about him.
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