If you could write the next 5 years of your life, and they had to come true...

...what would you write?

That's the intriguing question I posed to both my husband and our cool waitress the other night at The Olive Garden, after seeing that thought-inducing Flight movie starring Denzel Washington.

And now, I pose it to you.

I guess the query rolled around in my mind after I realized how prophetic some writings from a year ago turned out to be.

Not all of them, but the fact that I watched a couple of things transpire in real life that I'd already written about tripped me out and has me focusing on the "prophetic writings" that the Bible speaks of, and the many times things took place in real life so that "Scripture might be fulfilled."

"Pink Mist" on Grey's Anatomy

There was an episode of Grey's Anatomy whereby a person had been impaled with an unexploded device, and the surgeons had to remove it gingerly.

That bomb ended up exploding, creating a "pink mist" of blood and other stuff in its wake.

In real life, after the episode was written, a brother was impaled with a rocket-propelled grenade, but he ended up going home to his family and recovering.

All this got me thinking:

If we have anything to do with how our lives turn out, why not write the positive things we want to see happen?

After all, we spend enough time rehearsing (and sometimes speaking of) negative scenarios, why not focus on the good?

Not that we're forcing God's hand -- He has control and can do what He wants -- but perhaps we can think of it like an outline, a blueprint of prayerful petitions for our lives.

Here are my next 5 years...

#1 - Salvation for everyone!

Of course, I have to try and appear deep and not so selfish and knock my vain wishes down a couple of notches. But seriously, from personal to household to worldwide, I want to see lots of people saved by Christ's blood.

#2 - "From Slut to Saint" is published and becomes a best-selling book...

I've been working on and off on this tome for years now. At least by 2017 (or a lot sooner), you'd think I'd have it done already.

At least I've made progress by scanning in some old pics (like the graduating theme ones you see in this post of me from nursery school on up) for inspiration.

So I declare that I will be a best-selling, New York Times listed, National Book Award-winning author with a Random House multi-book deal in the next five years.

And it won't be a boring, staid way to lead people to Calvary, but open and honest and real.

#3 - Create and write a hit TV show and feature film

I will be the next Shonda Rhimes within five years -- a bond-servant of Christ-following one.

The creator of shows like Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, Rhimes is really inspiring, and her work reminds me of some of the best times in my life, when I wrote as part of a team of writers.

I'd love to get back to that, but this time writing as part of another dynamic group of writers (plus actors) in a TV series that wins Emmys, souls, ratings and rave reviews.

I love the immediacy (more so than feature films) of television writing, and we could use more one-hour dramas that feature minorities in non-buffoonish roles.

But I won't limit it to just the small screen: it can do a big screen flip and back all it wants.

"The Writer's Room" is an interesting idea for a hit TV show or some other venue. I adore that movie-within-a-movie type of theme.

Maybe the movie and  TV deal -- I want ABC -- or HBO, so we won't have too many constraints -- will come about as a result of the success of From Slut to Saint, which I declare will sell more copies than Fifty Shades of Grey, and inspire readers to become their own "Christian" -- and I ain't talking about Mr. Grey.

My vision is a gig that still leaves enough room in the day to first and foremost take dictation from my Holy Ghost-writer in the morning -- and still be a wife and mom to my family.

#4 - A blessed business, brood and body...

My Plunder, LLC company will continue to prosper, and operate so far in the black it's amazing.

Home, family, marriage, children, health -- all blooming beautifully along.

I will continue to drop weight in a healthy manner from the 169 pounds or so my tall body now carries (when I weigh myself on a certain scale before I've eaten, wearing little) to the 139 pounds I think might look interesting on my frame, especially on TV.

Okay...  what else?

Oh yes...

#5 - Godly friends and connections...

That's another thing I've been praying for, and as usual, God is a prayer-answering God in the way He has prompted folks to text me lately just because He put me on their minds.

"Your face just popped up in my mind," one wrote.

"You've been on my mind the past few days," texted another.

All I want around me are the people who are meant to be around me.

During the next five years and beyond, divine connections will flow in my life -- and those that would do me evil can't even come near me or my family.

That's what I prophesy and pray for in Jesus' name.

Of course I write in more detail in my journals -- some stuff that never makes it online -- but those are the broad strokes.

What do you want to see happen in the next 5 years of your life?

Write it out!


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