How I Made My First Million on the Internet Book

How to Make Money Online

-- But it's not so fast, easy, quick nor free -- unless you're doing some scam or scheme that's illegal...

This How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too! The Complete Insider's Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business book has caught my eye because it's been moving up the sales ranks at Amazon steadily.

I was put off by reviews that said if you've been online for a while that you know most of the stuff in Ewen Chia's book, but it didn't stop me from hunting down his rarely-blogged-on blog and subscribing anyway.

Sounds like Ewen Chia says to find a good niche, rinse and repeat -- but you never know, I feel like we've got stuff to learn from anyone, so maybe I'll buy the book.

But for all the people searching for online money making ideas...

...especially these days, just know that making money online is not necessarily some scheme where you can pop online today and make $1 million by tomorrow.

Unless you're doing something illegal -- or unethical.

Many of us bloggers, like me, who's been online since December 2005, find making money online a pursuit that gains steam over the years as we make our mistakes and learn and grow and make some more.

So don't throw your money all away in $97 chunks toward every guru's landing page you see promising millions.

But do your best to read, read, read, the real stuff -- the people who actually post their real income (not the fake screenshots) online, and admit the wrong stuff they've done.

Take your time and work hard and the fruit when come when it's due.

Just look at all the search terms I found for people wanting to learn how to make money online:

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I haven't been too sure of amazon, I thought it might be hard but after seeing your success I would rather give it a big try. :)
BMW Motorcycles said…
All are looking for fast internet money.They see the cheque senior are getting(advertisment on internet)through various source(Adsens)but dont know why they are getting.Because they are gurus.They have done recearch,aware of all algorithm,they have read all related articles.Also continuous work,patience are important in long run.Isnt it.
You did a great job
VicW said…
Hi Paula

How you doing ? Nice to see you're being successful ! I was curious to know if you make any money using Kontera - I've heard some people have had problems with Kontera yet I see you still have it on your site. I wrote a post about it on my blog - which you may like to have a look at

The Old Vic
Nick said…
Amazon is great. If you can work in links and products that fit with your readers then you can make some pretty steady money. Granted it won't be an enormous amount at first, but it will grow if you work at it. Thanks for the post!
Maybe the best way to make money on the internet is to use it to gather leads!
DVD Globe said…
I would slightly agree to Schenectady Traffic Lawyer..

But I really do think building downline for certain MLM would really work.. Now, I am really thinking of what's the best MLM site out there..
GrantS said…
i like the way of presentation
Since I am relatively new to making money on the internet, I am concentrating more on promoting affiliate products using organic traffic!
Haven't used amazon products to market but I will definitely get into it as I expand to different niches to market in :)
DataEntryJeff said…
Well to be honest then online jobs are not the easiest. The reason why we believe this is that people advertise online jobs as they could rake in thousands per day. Well its partially true, but there are a lot of scams. If anyone feels like,then i would recommend you to read my blog on data entry jobs - tips tricks and overall market review
bocah ajaib said…
hi paula, im interested in making money online. and i start my steps in paid review topics. could you help me in this business? coz im still a newbie. thanks

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