Hookers for Jesus - The Hookers for Jesus Video That Made me Cry...

I've had my cleansing cry for the morning. I just watched the below Hookers for Jesus video, which induced my tears after she gets to the part about nearly overdosing on cocaine and having a heart attack:

Those are the kind of churches I love -- wherein "Hookers for Jesus" are welcomed, not looked down upon, and they are telling their real stories -- instead of trying to dress it up in fake churchy, holier than thou finery.

March on, "Hookers for Jesus"!



Agreed, any church that might look down on this really must not have its "head" on straight. Jesus himself was good friends with the first ever hooker-for-Jesus... Mary Magdalene!
voip said…
What is really mysterious about God's ways is the way people change 360 degrees for no other reason but the grace of God. This is an unexplainable phenomena...a miracle...a grace indeed.

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