Is Google Banning Adwords PPC Direct-Linking Affiliate Advertising Come April 1, 2009? I think that's an April Fool's Day joke...

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Is Google Banning Adwords PPC Direct-Linking Affiliate Advertising Come April 1, 2009? I think that's an April Fool's Day joke...

Yesterday in all the melee about Chris Carpenter's Google Cash Detective 2 launch, I was bouncing around the net looking for other people who bought the application.

That's when I saw a comment on Rosalind Gardner's blog, I think, that said Google was going to ban us from advertising affiliate programs via Adwords direct-linking campaigns on April 1, 2009.

I don't think Google Adwords is banning direct-linking PPC affiliate campaigns...

...or at least I hope and pray they keep them. It's bringing Google good monies, as well as the people selling the products, services or gaining leads -- so I don't see why they ever would ban it.

Like one woman said, maybe that person was just making an April Fool's Day joke early, or was confusing that with Google Adwords' change to the Adwords display URL policy that he was talking about.

But that change to the Adwords display URL policy got me thinking...

...about how to restructure my Google Adwords campaigns, grouping them now by the particular affiliate I'm promoting.

And that got me thinking, if I'm promoting advertisers, who go by strange domains like or or, which leads to The Flip Store, (even though I don't run a PPC campaign for that one because they don't want us to use their trademarked terms) -- if they were an advertiser that did, would we only group ads together in an Ad Group, or all my ads together.

Update: I just answered my own question thinking about this the other night, letting The Answer give me the answer -- I see now it's DISPLAY URL, not destination url that needs to have the same top-level domain.

So that means all my PPC direct-linking campaigns all go in one group, then, for example, go in other -- that's the way I'm thinking of it.

But that limits us to 25 ad group domain names. Guess it will be time to expand to a higher-level Adwords account. Gotta see when and how that happens.

So maybe this is Google's roundabout way of trimming the variety of Adwords campaigns running to a lot of different URLs. There are maximums of ad groups limits, but there's a way to trade up and get a better Adwords account. (I just need to find out how.)

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Google is making a lot of changes lately. It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out.
I hope that it's an April Fool's joke, that big of a change should b announced a lot earlier.

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