† Amazon Associates Affiliates - My Income Was $1,491.95 from Amazon's Referral Program in February - What's your Amazon Associates Referral Revenue?

As I promised a few folks, especially inspired by The Villager's Amazon Associates Affiliates income revenue generating challenge -- here are my February 2009 earnings from promoting Amazon products online.

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Bless You, Father, for Fasting -- and the Kindle 2!

Ironically, my salvation for my February 2009 Amazon Affiliates income for the United States of $1,491.45 (with only $97.88 spent in Adwords) are because of the week back in October 2008 or so when it was our consecration week at The Word.

For the first time in my life, Jesus enabled me to fast the longest I ever have -- I made it five days on probiotic veggie and fruit juices and water. I turned off the computer and only logged on to check my bank balances each day during that week, heading down to the darkened sanctuary to sit in peace and pray a time or two.

Amazingly, when I logged onto my Amazon Referrals Associates Account...

...that Saturday or so when the fast was over, I saw that I'd sold a bunch of Kindles -- nearly 200 to date.

Well, the remainder of those Kindles sold back then finally shipped in February to customers (and more should be shipping in March 2009) so this Amazon Affiliates income was finally added to my account.

And in good time, too, to make up for the mistakes I made using Google Adwords to promote Amazon Affiliate products...

...like bidding on the Amazon.com or Amazon name -- which I discovered was a big no-no when Amazon Referrals managers emailed me. I honestly wrote them back that I didn't know this was forbidden (seeing as though other Amazon Affiliates do it) and I immediately stopped doing that.

Like I told Amazon, I ended up just buying them a bunch of free advertising anyway, because I only made a handful of sales from trying to promote products that way. Amazon deducted those referral fees and were very gracious to me. Thank God again.

So what does March 2009 hold for Amazon Affiliates Referral Earnings and more money online?

Well, after I stupidly got my main site punished by Google (see ★★★★PAULA NEAL MOONEY: Google Totally Unindexed my Website... Wonder When it Will Be Unpunished...★★★★) -- I've been working on building back up the lost income.

I'd underestimated just how much Amazon Associates revenue that site brought me -- and played fast and loose with how much Google Adsense income it brought too.

January 2009 Google Adsense brought $1,634.26 income due to that site mainly, and after getting Google slapped (more like Google blasted, bombed, smacked-down) in early February, my Google Adsense income dropped to $480.98 for February 2009.

I still realize many people would kill for these numbers, so I am gracious, and continuing to work hard. Or maybe I need to get back on my knees and turn off this PC again for awhile...hmm....

Helen Keller has inspired my online work and life work...

While listening to 2nd-graders teach me things I didn't know or had forgotten about Helen Keller, I sat there and imagined the horror of being a 19-month-old child suddenly blind and deaf -- can't see nor hear a thing.

Then to have a miracle worker break thru and help communicate and break out of that darkened hell, amazing.

But anyway, learning that Helen Keller was able to learn German and French in that state -- I realized that I HAVE NO EXCUSE to not learn new things in life and step out and try, try, try in life.

I've got my sight, hearing and many other opportunities that Helen Keller didn't have -- so I need to maximize them.

So like my old Bishop said, instead of "either/or" why not "both/and" -- so I delved into Tissa's free people search engine business, the only search engine I've been able to use to actually find old friend's addresses and phone numbers that are totally free. (Update: I just cancelled, see †PAULA NEAL MOONEY: † Tissa Godavitarne - Scam? Hoax? Or Internet Marketing Genius? Read these reviews...† for reasons why.)

And I'm working on building up other sites while waiting for Google to take WatchFreeEpisodes.com off of time out. At least, as a true reference to Romans 8:28, God truly is using my bad moves to work it out for good -- teaching me new things and to step out and attempt things for the better.

I hope...

So let me know your Amazon Referral Affiliates revenue. I believe our honesty with each other can only help us all take the path toward becoming Amazon Super Affiliates -- prayerfully even during the recession!

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Kudzai said…
Paula... thanx a lot for that interesting and detailed article. Actually, I read it to the end. Cheers...

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