I actually bought Google Cash Detective 2 for $997...

Click Here to learn about the Google Cash Detective!Today was the big launch of Chris Carpenter's Google Cash Detective 2, from what I've been reading, one of the best Google Adwords spy tools on the net today.

After a rough start and servers crashing and errors and such, us Google Cash Detective 2 purchasers finally got our login credentials verified and we're in. I'm going to play around with it and by hook or crook -- no, seriously, just lots of late nights and research -- I pray I make back that $997 ten thousand fold.

Stay tuned for posts telling you all about my Google Cash Detective 2 income strategies and campaigns and such. Happy keyword hunting, Google Cash Detective 2 buyers...
Click Here to learn about the Google Cash Detective!


Anonymous said…
I bought it too and while you can get to the training videso the service itself is down and I was provisioned and told it was all okay then they said now it is okay and reporvisioned it has been all day yesterday and all evening and now it is 6:39 am the next day and it still does not work and they had a training webex last night that did not work either since the room was full despite having logged in 10 minutes early they are seriously unprepared
$997?! That's a lot of money... I don't know if I'd actualy pay almost thousand dollars for a piece of software, no matter how good and useful it was.
Glen said…
As a result of your post I have been doing some looking into GCD and could not find anything beyond the copy from the website itself. I have had some success with Adwords but have not been willing to pay $997 for a tool that I cant read user testimonials on. I look forward to reading your reviews of GCD.
Yes, Glen, if you just want to check out what Google Cash Detective 2 is all about without paying anything, you can enter your email address and name on his page and then you'll at least get access to the Google Cash Detective 2 training videos, and then you'll see why everyone's going so crazy over this new app.

Chris Carpenter has a great online reputation -- and something about the thoroughness of the Google Cash Detective 2 stood out and exuded honesty.

I was freaking out, saying "Are you crazy for buying this???!!!"

But I really believe this program will pay for itself soon and bring lots more income.

I'm looking forward to my future income posts too!
Nils Rognerud said…
I also bought the GCD, but still have not been able to login in to use the service.

Looks like Chris may be an honest guy with great ideas, but it looks like this technical team is not up to his level.

I can not even log into the service, which I already paid for! This really sucks...

I was able to logon to Google Cash Detective last night (was up till 2 a.m playing around with it) and most of today.

Now I'm getting the "Thank you for your order! Your GCD account is being provisioned. All accounts are verified manually. Please stand-by for a confirmation email from us as soon as your account is ready for use." message again, but I'm sure that'll be gone soon.

Hopefully all the kinks will be worked out and we're back on and earning soon.
voip said…
Is there no cheaper alternative to this? I hope you post some of what you have discovered in it for those of us who think it may not be a reasonable buy.
Yeah, believe you me that's the most I've ever paid for an app.

I seriously hope it's worth it.

I will post updates on my blog about my new earnings and what I learn from using Google Cash Detective 2.

People were freaking out that they bought it and couldn't log on.

But Chris just sent an email saying they're fixing the bug and it'll be back up in 2 or 3 hours. (That's what's on the homepage now.)

I was able to log on to Google Cash Detective last night and was already playing around.

I'm trying to figure out some kind of Shopping.Yahoo.com advertising arbitrage I saw one person running a lot of Adwords ads from...

Stay tuned.
Anonymous said…
Hi! You said you have issues with the privacy info regarding acme people search (I agree with that) but you don't have a problem stealing (or cloning as GDA politely call it) other peoples campaigns which they have spent $ and hours of work on? Does nobody have any ethical issues with this product?
I've got an issue that I can't freaking logon to GCD2 right now...

Who knows, maybe you're right about the ethics of it all.

Maybe that's why this launch is fraught with problems?

We'll see.

We're back in!

The biggest thing I'm using GCD2 for is to discover keywords that I didn't even know about -- products like iHome that I'd never even heard of.

Future actual earnings posts coming.
mslatinarenee said…
Hey Paula,

How are you! Chris is rushing us with 12 hours but I haven't read your review yet.

Let's collaborate,
Hey Latina - Yeah, I still haven't written a full review of GCD2 yet, that's gonna take more than 12 hours from now.

So far, I like the keyword tools the best on GCD2, uncovering keywords that I didn't really know about.

I was able to set up a new add selling gourmet wine baskets and stuff (I'll give you that tip for free!) but so far LinkShare hasn't totally updated my stats, so I only see the first sale coming thru.

I should know more this week...

And I have found an expensive product people are looking to buy by searching GCD2's keyword tools -- and I've got some clicks on that one but no sales yet.

So I honestly don't really have enough hard sales numbers yet to really say yay or nay on GCD2.

But if your gut tells you to buy it, go for it. If your gut tells you to stay away from it, stay away.

I've gone back and forth on returning it, but right now I'm leaning toward keeping it -- because I'm still discovering its uses.
mslatinarenee said…
That's a nice free tip, but what I really clicked in for and want to know is what you'll give for money.

I think its a yay, but it may take a while to recover from its cost.

And you know its not like me to not include one...
Free Web Design Tutorials

Please add me to your contact list. I have the same hook on gmail.

God Bless.
Oh, I think I got ya.

And you might want to ignore my free tip, because I'm trying to straighten out why I paid for 132 clicks on Adwords, but the LinkShare advertiser is showing only 40 clicks.

Okay...I see what you're saying. I'll figure out a way to make this thing work and give some good working tips on GCD2 coming up.

Keep checking back.
Andre said…
please contact me at andresilverspoon (at) gmail.com, regarding GCD detective. I boought this at the same sum as you when it opened, and when I log in now, it does not come up with ANY results.


Kind regards,

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