★★★★ Get more website visitors - Make your blog titles stand out in Google...

I was reading thru my Google Reader feeds last night, and someone on a techie forum posted a thread that began with these stars in the title: ★★★★

"Oh, I'm grabbing that!" I thought to myself.

You see, ever since I learned on BlueHatSeo.com that adding symbols to your blog/post titles can make them stand out more in Google's search-engine results pages, I've been playing around with different symbols to see which ones make my blogs more clickable.

One glance at my posts over on Watch Free Episodes will show you the symbols I've favored in the past:

drill down 60 www.watchfreeepisodes.com/
drill down 38 www.watchfreeepisodes.com/fdic-watch-list-looking-for-the-fdic-banks-in-trouble-watch-list/860/
drill down 20 www.watchfreeepisodes.com/watch-private-practice-online-full-free-pilot-episode-of-the-long-awaited-abc-tv-show-put-me-to-sleep/100/
drill down 15 www.watchfreeepisodes.com/watch-everbody-hates-chris-online-full-current-and-past-episodes/11/

But I like to experiment.

And that star is so cute and dark, I had to add it to my BlogSpot blog title / post -- just go into your Layout tab, make sure to save your template first, then expand it and search for something that's in between the < title > and < /title > tags and plop the stars before and after the blog.post title code.

Some stuff the search-engines will strip out.

Others they won't.

And you can add them before individual post titles if you want.

On WordPress, I'll add it to the post title, but then strip out the goobly-gook code in the post title code below the actual post title before I publish it.

I hope that makes sense.

Anyway, the point is, play around with symbols to see what hits.


But remember, you may have to go back and change them in the future...


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