Can you redirect Apple Store customers from Google Adwords straight to the Apple Store? I think so...

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  • UPDATE: After I wrote this post, thanks to God alive that the thought came to me: Maybe I should ask the Apple Store / CJ Affiliate Manager this question...
  • So I sent off the bottom text of this blog post in an email -- asking when my commission would jump to 3% -- since Black Friday on the Apple Store was so good to me, with over $56,000 in sales generated.
  • Lo and behold, this morning I logged into to my CJ account to see another $561.00 plus in there. Turns out the below wording "For Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $16,000.00 USD increase commission by 100.00%. " is true -- they took my 1% commission of around $561 based on those $56,000 sales and gave me another $561 in my CJ account. So it's 100% of your commission amount that they'll give you if you hit more than $16,000 in sales generated.
  • But it seems like it didn't happen till that still, small voice told me to e-mail them. So if you're hawking and pitching Apple Store affiliate program products via CJ, make sure to check your earnings closely.
  • You might be due some money!
  • (I guess there is no 3% tier -- I see their current terms say 1-2%, but it's based on specific products. Okay, I get it now. I'm happy and grateful for the extra ends...)

Apple Store affiliate programI'm all about affiliate marketing these days.

That's why I'm still intrigued by selling products via the Apple Store

So I just read up on Apple's rules for advertising their products and all I see is a list of terms that Apple does not allow us to advertise with on Google Adwords.

As for redirecting Google searchers straight from Google Adwords ads to the Apple Store, that looks like it's okay, open season as far as I can read. I searched Apple's legal terms (find them in once you get approved for Apple Store's affiliate program) and found nothing that banned "redirect" -- which some other advertisers ban. Thank God Amazon does not!

Anyway, I made a pretty good killing of around $600 or more bucks selling Apple products in the month of December 2008 -- I wrote a post about Apple's Black Friday sales that got good traffic.

So now I might try my hand at advertising their Apple Store products while trying to stay within their legal terms.

I want to see if I can get above that 1% payout, which I believe will increase to 3% -- which I sold enough merchandise and should already have achieved, it seems to me.

Apple Online Store
Here are their terms and conditions:
1. Action: Apple Store USA Shipped Orders ActionCriteria The customer's order must be shipped.

Action Referral Period 15 day(s)

Action Referral Occurrences Unlimited Commission 1.00%
$0.00 USD on Item List: Gift Card
$0.00 USD on Item List: Shipping
$0.00 USD on Item List: iTunes
$0.00 USD on Item List: Gift Wrap

Locking Period - Standard Actions lock on the 10th of the month, unless extended.

Performance Incentive For Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $8,000.00 USD increase commission by 50.00%.

For Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $16,000.00 USD increase commission by 100.00%.

So since my December 2008 Apple Stores sales are showing $56,244.50 for the United States (I didn't even know I made Canada sales, too!) and a commission of $561.95 -- I'm obviously still at the 1% tier...

When am I moving up to 3%?

If there are any Apple Store super-affiliates out there already on the 3% tier, please comment!



舵机 said…
I also believe you can do! Because of your ambition!
Lance | Ryan PA said…
Cool. I didn't enough know there was an Apple store related affiliate program. Will need to take a look at this as well, as there clearly is consumer demand for these products.
Mike | EZGONE said…
WOW that's a brilliant idea. Like Lance Said i also didn't know that the Apple Store had an affiliate program. Keep up the good work, you should start making ALOT of money with the next few years. Apple is taking over!
I'd like to join the Apple affiliate program now that I learned there is one. Thank you for sharing good info.
Lakes said…
Congrats on killing it with the Apple store! You're absolutely right though to keep a close eye on them. I have been having some interesting issues with Linkshare/iTunes and wanted to reach out to see if anyone else has too. A lot of my issues are laid out in a forum I just started. I would be delighted to hear if anyone else is dealing with this as well. Please take a moment to post.

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