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I really just found out about Google's Ad Review Center after bemoaning the fact that I couldn't block more scuzzie and skeevy advertisers from my websites.

Well, God heard my prayers because lo and behold I logged onto my Google Adsense account and looked under the "Adsense Setup" page then clicked on "Competitive Ad Filter" and found "New: Ad Review Center" link there.

Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings...

...hopefully it will yours like it's doing mine ever since I opted into that "Ad Review Center" -- which I hope has been rolled out to everybody by now -- and then I went thru and blocked the obviously scuzzy Adwords advertisers. The ones who have a lot of junk ads ready for review on your site, the ones that when you go to their website, it looks like crap.

So you know they won't be paying you much per click.

Anyway, my Google Adsense earnings / income increased...

...only one day after blocking out the scuzzballs.

(Check back for a new updated income post by year end.)

What I did was keep the advertisers relative to my website about watching TV online -- and those advertisers were the ones I know have money and probably pay better per click: like The WB, Fox, CSI NY, etc.

Don't worry if you don't see many ads to approve at first -- what you need to do is make sure you have good words defined in your Adsense channels and that they are targetable (find out how to do that here) and if you're in a good niche and blog a lot, the good advertisers will come.

And most likely pay you more...

But Google warns, as do I, that switching over to Ad Review Center can cause a loss of income too, but for me it was worth the risk.


Blogger Source said…
thanks for the lessons, very comprehensive, its very useful for a newbie like me, i just discover the ad review center..
Wow, i wish i knew about this earlier, i always got 10ct from clicks
its such a good topic which u discuss it will help to do better in adsense. thanks keep going

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