Product from an Excluded Merchant - What the hell, Amazon? Maybe it's Nintendo's fault...

Alert Product from an Excluded Merchant

The product is offered by an Excluded Merchant and will NOT earn Associate referral fees on any sales.

That's the message I got when I planned to promote this Wii in stock for $249.99 on Amazon:

I saw the Wii on ReadWriteWeb and thought it would be good to promote -- again.

I wonder if my other Wii code is earning money?

I'd better check...

Wow! I haven't gotten Wii earnings since December 2007!

I just checked my Amazon earnings report and saw that the last time I earned on the Wii console -- not games and accessories -- was December 2007!

That was a good Christmas last year.

But I wonder how many I've sold without the commission?

Anyway...thank God other Amazon products are selling well, especially now that it's close to Christmas again.

Guess I'm definitely letting those Wii sites go now.

Yep, I just Googled and found out from the Digital Point Forums that since like May 2008 Amazon hasn't been paying for Wii Console sales to affiliates.

Oh well, guess we'll just make money off people buying Amazon Kindle readers!


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