»»»»»»» Target Affiliate Program - Does anyone know where the Target Affiliate Program went?

Whenever I see a hotly searched for item like Target's 2008 Black Friday ads are today -- I ask myself:

Hmmmm....am I a member of that affiliate program already?

Searching Target.com, I did find info about their affiliate program, but that page leads you to a "not found" advertiser on Google's Affiliate Network on ConnectCommerce.com -- which I am a part of.

I see that I was declined for Target's affiliate program some months ago -- way back on 7/8/2008 -- but went I try to find it to reapply, I can't find it. And Target's not listed under the deactivated affiliate progams -- so what gives, Google?

Are you in Target's Affiliate Program? If so, how'd you get in? Thanks!

Check here for the latest news written about Target's Affiliate Program in the past month...

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Timon Weller said…
Was it a good affiliate program other than the dissapearing...?
That's funny -- I don't know -- were you in their program?

If I find it, I'll blog about it and update this post.

Meanwhile, I've popped over to your Buyers Web and subscribed to your feed.

Good day, Timon!

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