JibJab Star Spangled Banner Video -- How many of these presidents can you name?

by Paula Neal Mooney

Those JibJab folks are at it again with their new Star Spangled Banner video. Watch it.

Then tell me how many presidents you can name.

Maybe I got about 7 or 8 of them.

Too bad camcorders weren't invented when Abe Lincoln lived.

And actually, here's what the JibJab folks say about their latest Star Spangled Banner excellent video offering and who was really the brains behind it:
JibJab teamed up with ThePartyParty.com to produce this kick-a$$ July 4th celebration! Actually, to say we teamed up is misleading. He's the genius. Not us. Make sure to check out the other GREAT work at ThePartyParty.com!

I can tell that like their other videos, JibJab's Star Spangled Banner took time to create.

I'm glad they took that time in this lightening-fast cyberworld.

I'm proud to say I was the 440th person to Jib it!

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Don Simkovich said…
History is one of my favorite subjects. I read the biography of John Adams two years ago and it was inspiring!
BPO.Asia said…
Yep, you're right... "Too bad camcorders weren't invented when Abe Lincoln lived."

It was an exciting time in history.
Layouts said…
haha interesting idea... i got them all right, but ONLY because cam corders weren't invented yet back in the early 1900s/1800s

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