Google Me Song by Teyana Taylor

I heard a song on the radio and laughed when I looked at my screen display and saw it was named "Google Me" by Teyana Taylor.

I guess the "Google Me" song is getting a lot of buzz and Teyana Taylor is filming a video for it, but I haven't really listened to "Google Me" enough yet to know if I like it.

I thought it was funny because I always wanted to get a t-shirt with "Google Me" on it, but didn't want to put my name anywhere on it -- learned that lesson from mama not to put my name on too much physical stuff -- ah, but that was before the web really got going.

"Google Me" by Teyana Taylor just showed me how much Google is a part of our culture so ingrained now there's no turning back.


Adonis said…
hmm..i will find that song and try to listen it :)

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