Donnie Osmond Semi-Endorses Barack Obama

Donnie Osmond just talked about liking Barack Obama on The View.

Osmond said it wasn't a formal endorsement of Barack, he just likes Obama.

Donnie Osmond was talking about how Mitt Romney could've made a great leader, and that maybe he's preparing for 2012.

In the meantime, Donnie spoke of how he really likes Barack Obama and that this country is ready for something new, be it a black man or a woman, that we need change.

It's pretty interesting to hear a Mormon get behind Barack.

I'm being so wooed by Obama myself.

But then I watched the scene in "Raisin in the Sun" we'd TiVo'd that showed the wife running out of the room as the woman from Trinidad boiled the instruments on the stove, preparing for an abortion.

I couldn't help crying and asking:

"Jesus, push the chad!"

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Martin Lindsey. said…
You and Donnie just go ahead and jump on the "Fired Up and Ready to Go" Express, Paula. Hey, you can even copy Barak's widget from my page and I won't get mad at you for it.

Congrats on the Spreading the Love in 2008 award.
val said…
You're right about change being made there. Obama spells change in capital letter.
Televisiontraci said…
I think it's pretty neat when someone like Donny Osmond says he likes Obmam it just goes to show what universal appeal the guy has.
mac said…
I personally like Obama. I think it's already time for a changes to be made. I just hope all the war thats been going on will stop! I just read a novel by John Grisham (The Brethren) and i really hope the story on how President of United States get selected is not true, because if it does than it doesn't matter who will get elected, and the war will never stop..
xpango said…
won't your blog get spammed this way?
Obama is a freight train that won't be stopped. It feels like people already want to put his face on a coin before he even enters office.
teresa said…
Obama can make the changes necessary for the betterment of US government and war can be put to end.
Chris Stormer said…
If we want to achieve something in life and want to be like great people then we have to work according to them or like they worked. If we want to be like them we have to walk on their steps then only we can achieve 1% of what they have.
easydiet said…
It's really cool for someone as well-liked and influential as donnie to stand up and plug for obama the way he did. The whole race issue is blown out of proportions anyway.
rake said…
Be a well-known people, we really do need to refer those great people liked them. Even we fail to achieve but at least we ever do it!

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