Fred Mwangaguhunga Founder Pic?

Fred Mwangaguhunga Pic? Founder of was on BET...

So I've been looking for video of BET Presents: Top 25 Heartaches but have yet to find it.

Please comment with a link if you find the show online, because Fred Mwangaguhunga, the elusive founder of crazy was on there for a snippet.

I was so amazed to see Fred Mwangaguhunga's image and the site's name on TV, I went looking for pics.

After all, with sensationalized, snotty, snarky, skeptical and sometimes nice posts like these, may be mean and inaccurate at times, but he still gets around 120,000 visitors per day.

Not the 8 million hits or visitors per month Fred Mwangaguhunga's has told other publications he gets.

Guess that's a little Perez Hilton math that guy's got going on...

Anyway, I guess with more anonymity, people feel they can be meaner.


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