Amazon UK and Amazon Germany do pay American Associates!

Amazon UKand Amazon Associates Germany do pay US Associates for Referrals

Yeah! Bless God I got the check from Amazon Associates Germany (use the Alta Vista's Babel Fish translator to decipher the German to English) I'd been waiting for and sweating over and sad about for nearly two months now.

How much do Amazon UK and Amazon Associates Germany pay their associates?

Depends on how many products you sell thru them, just like USA Amazon Associates free program.

At 716,41 euros, at today's currency my Amazon Germany check should convert to around $1,050 US dollars.

My check from Amazon UK came faster in the mail, back in 1/2008 for November 2007 -- and convert from Great Britain Pounds to around $318 US Dollars.

How did I make this money from Amazon UK and Amazon Associates Germany?

Some of you intrepid readers already know the bulk of it was thru my site about buying Wii consoles online.

They sold like gangbusters around Christmastime (when in stock), but dipped when Google dropped the site down in the SERPS.

I'm praying it'll pick up again. God is good.

He put up with my sadness and depression all this time waiting for the checks to come from these good people that I was starting to think might be cheaters. They are not.

My Amazon Canada Associates monies should be here eventually. They didn't have many Wiis in stock, therefore I didn't sell many -- so I've yet to hit the threshold for their check minimum payout. Gotta find out what's holding up my gift certificate payout though...

(Most of these places do not offer direct deposit to customers outside their respective countries.)

The Amazon France Associates are checking on my "cheque" now -- should be to me soon.

I didn't sell anything thru Amazon China nor Amaazon Associates Japan (you might have to use your IE browser and make sure foreign languages are enabled for those) yet, but there's still time!

Sign up with Amazon UKand Amazon Associates Germany

Many of us online retailers are already members of the USA Amazon Associates free program -- if not, sign up and start selling stuff to people in the US.

But don't forsake other countries, too.

"Take the limits off of me," God sings thru Israel Houghton to me, and therefore you.

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