Does Perez Hilton Really Get Millions of Daily Hits?

I was playing around on my favorite new website called -- a site that tells you how many visitors a website gets per day.

I saw that gets around 2,045,233 visitors, and that my estimated visitor count was correct at around 2,410 per day.

Then I plopped in -- expecting to see visitors in the millions (since it's been widely believed he get upwards of 3 or 4 or more million hits per day) and was surprised to learn he "only" gets 690,436 visitors per day.

A quick confirmation with Alexa, ranking, and together confirms that TMZ and Perez are running neck and neck, and since TMZ gets around 631,530 hits per day -- this lines up with's stats saying Perez gets far less that the millions of hits proclaimed.

Of course, those 690,436 or so visitors could be clicking around a lot on his site, and are nothing to sneeze at.

But methinks this is a bit of brilliant marketing.

Tell everyone you're getting millions of hits and eventually the rumor will spread like wildfire, causing advertisers to throw money at you left and right.

After all -- who but us techies are really gonna check this stuff?


kystorms said…
Hi Paula :-)

I am not aspiring to reach his goal, that is not anything I would want to have on my soul, but I do aspire to reach your dailies, you ROCK!
:-) thanks for that link too, it will definitely come in handy!
tAnYeTTa said…
I would be interested to find out how many hits I get a day. I'm sure it's well up in the teens. LOL :(
Selif said…
Having numbers like that is impressive enough, what I would consider even more impressive is to have the ability to generate that kind of traffic in the first place.

half a million hits a day would be just toasty by me
new zealand map said…
Do you know if this stat is for unique visitors or page views?
I think it's more for unique visits...
Scott said…
Thanks, for sharing the website with us all. :D

I hadn't previously heard of it. I tried out the tool for my blog and it said I receive around 2500 hits.

I'm pretty happy with this number though. Maybe you could give me some pointers as you seem to be doing very well here.

Thanks, Scott.
Anonymous said…
I got 121 hits today. Is that good?
Shoemaven said…
Veerrrry Interesting...
Glad to see you're blogging again, Paula. You are truly an inspiration to me. Whenever I want to know how to set something up on my blogs, I always come back to you. Can you talk a little bit more about using symbols in your title tags to increase CTR?

Luv ya, and keep up the good work.
Scott - You're doing great with the hits. Don't we always want more, though? I know, human nature...

The Barefoot! Randy -You're alive! Hi there! And your writing is funny; hits shall follow...

ShoeMaven -
Yeah, I followed these instructions from Blue Hat SEO describing how to put those symbols in my title tags.

And I really do think they help my search results stand out in Google SERPS more so that more people click thru.

Give it a try and let me know if they help your hits go up.

Happy Friday,
zaki said…
If that's true, it's better if she can make money from the heavy traffic directed to her...
Martin Lindsey. said…
Hey Paula, glad to see yo back in gear again. I've been out of town for a week so I'm getting back on track myself. have a good one.
It is a cool idea of spreading rumors and making your website famous. This will help us in both making money and attracting more visitors.
Rosa said…
NOw that is very interesting. I didn't even know that you could check to see which sites get a lot of page views. I am glad that you wrote this post, cause now I know.
Rose said…
I was surprised that he didn't actually get millions of hits but like you said he is getting lots of publicity and his advertising rate (I heard) is $6,000 per week!

More power to him!

oh and PS - I did hear he is in a bit of a "sticky" widget as far as some of the "legal" aspects of his blog goes.

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