More Search Engine Traffic

Want more search-engine traffic?

Who doesn't want more search-engine traffic?

Search-engine traffic is free -- if you're trying to do it thru SEO efforts, that is -- and not by buying search-engine traffic.

Anyway, here I am over two years after first starting this blog, and more search-engine traffic is still something I'm learning to garner all the time.

Google-land and their rules ebb and flow, but here are a few tips I've learned:

  • Having a high Google pagerank means everything.

    Search for just about hot or popular term on Google and click on the websites that get the top 3 spots on Google. You'll see many times that their Google Pagerank is 5 or more...

  • Get in on the ground floor.

    I poked around Google Analytics today to learn that the most-visited blog posts I have were ones were I caught the beginning of a trends and wrote about it, like Beyonce taking the Master Cleaner or the DC Madam's List.

  • Post like a content scraper.

    Let's not steal content like the scrapers do, but one lesson we can learn is to post a bunch based on hot topics like they do. At least this may get you fast, free traffic, however fleeting.

  • Write based on demand.

    If you're out of ideas or looking for a topic that will get some eyeballs, post based on the topics people are searching for daily (check Google Hot Trends) or on a consistent basis (pop random words into the SEO Book Keyword Tool) and see what happens. The consistent demand for watching TV online is one example.

  • More header tags, more search-engine traffic

    Plop your main keywords like "more search engine traffic" in this post in header tags by putting "h2" in brackets like < and > then writing your keywords and "/h2" around the < and > brackets again. I've heard this helps.

  • Write where your desire leads. See what happens.

    Let me know your stats.


    Sister2brother said…
    Well my search engine rankings are quite good for my Adsense Consultant Blog. I'm currently on page one of google's search engine results for the term "adsense consultant. The thing about it is that I don't useually do too fancy a stuff when I'm posting to that blog. I just keep adding relative content and since being an Adsense Consultant is my job I find that there are a lot of adsense-related information that I am interested in and post to my blog. People are so interested in adsense because it is such a legitimate way to earn money online that they are looking for as much information about adsense as possible and I have seen a link to my blog turn up many a time when I check some of my "stats". Certain terms and phrases relating to adsense will be typed in a search engine and a link to my blog will be in the search engine results.

    One thing that I would like to add to your post about search engine rankings is that your readers should add a stats tracker code to their website or blog. There are a lot of free ones available out there and they mostly just involve copying and pasting some code.

    With the information that you can get from these states - that will help you learn more about the traffic (and where its coming from) that is coming to your blog.
    i have heard about this concept and have tried to incorporate some of the tips that you have mentioned. The thing is that i am not sure when it come to the off page elements.
    Anonymous said…

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