Noel Gourdin Official Fan Website: Follow your gut when it comes to setting up new websites...

Noel Gourdin's Website: How I followed my gut and got blessed...

Last summer, I set up this Noel Gourdin fan website as soon as I heard his beautiful, soulful "The River" song on XM radio.

Noel Gourdin's The River is one of those songs that's so different, you think it's a remake that you've heard before.

That's one way, at least, I know that the song's gonna be a hit.

Of course, God led me to success

When it comes to setting up websites, this cyber world can be pretty fierce and competitive.

Many times it helps to go against the grain, or go right with the grain, if that's where the Holy Spirit is leading you.

Last Friday I was amazed to see my normal single-digit-hit stats for Noel Gourdin's website start climbing.

I wondered why.

In the meantime, I cleaned up the site that I'd neglected for a little while and seized the opportunity to pitch his only Mp3 of "The River" that I could find for sale on Amazon and iTunes.

Noel Gourdin's song played on the radio...

Pretty soon, a visitor told me that Noel Gourdin's song had been played on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and that's why it and my fan site started blowing up.

Today Noel Gourdin -- a guy so unpopular last summer that he took time to respond to my MySpace email and left me a comment -- is back on Google's Hot Trends list at #14 and steadily gaining popularity.

My lesson was to heed those desires of my heart and follow my bliss, even if it goes against what the online "experts" may or may not say.

Today I've got a hankering to start another couple of sites that stats don't necessarily bear witness to the fact that they'll be well-trafficked.

But I think I'll start them anyway and pray...

If you've got a website idea burning in your soul, give it a try.

I just read about some 6th-grade girl who started a website that's very popular right now, matching up pets with different owners.

"Delight yourself in the LORD
and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Do I delight myself in you, God?

Man, I hope so...

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mac said…
I held my breath when they dipped my head, Then I came up shiny and i love this song. I kept playing it over and over. Its good to know that you are one of the responsible for the rating at google. 10 votes to you!
rake said…
This song really perfect! i really love it! thanks for your sharing here!
space code said…
The song sound really nice. Its good that you followed your instincts and created a fan site.

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