Cameroon .CM Domain Names - Register one safely? Registration scams?

Everyone wants a .CM Cameroon domain name - but how do we register them?

Ever since major domainer and Christ-follower Kevin Hamm exposed that he was the $300 million man behind the .CM typo domain name redirect brilliant strategy, all us domainers want a piece of the Cameroon domain name pie.

Why Cameroon .CM Domain Names?

Just the other week I typed in some website's domain name, and accidentally left off the O in the .COM part of the extension.

I probably got redirected to an page, which is a static page full of static ads (I love that he didn't load it with porn adds like some other website typo page I saw today) that gets about 105,000 pageviews per day according to

A lot less pageviews than I thought, actually, and maybe not worth all the hubbub, unless someone finds a good legal .CM name that leads people to buy stuff thru it -- let's say COMPUTERS.CM or something.

Why the hot pursuit of .CM URLS?

You see, Kevin Hamm was smart enough to convince the African country of Cameroon (who have very few computers in relation to their population) to let him redirect all those .CM domain name mistypes to ads -- the revenue of which I believe that article says he splits with Cameroon.

If so, win win.

So while a lot of jealous techies are busy hating on Hamm (okay, Arrington's not really hating) and hating themselves for not thinking of the redirect thing first, a lot others are trying to buy .CM domain names for ourselves.

They say that the cyber squatting laws are usurped in this instance, because he doesn't own the domain names outright.

But somehow .CM Cameroon domain name URLs are getting indexed by Google every day. I know because I keep running searches and have Google alerts set up for ".cm domain" and "cameroon domain names" and the like.

How to register a .CM domain name?

That's the $64,000 question -- probably literally that much income if you get your hands on a good one.

  • I see has .CM domains for sale -- but I'd like to see more positive reviews of them first.

  • The listed on RWGUSA's page about Cameroon domain name registration no longer works. And I need to know more about RWGUSA first.

  • Don't know about this Web Solutions place either to spend $600...

  • This guy says cheated him out of $500 -- claiming they could register a .CM domain name -- then never gave it to him.

  • So how do we really get .CM Cameroon domain name URLS?

    Maybe we don't, but I'm still on the hunt.

    I've emailed several people whose non-directing .CM show up in Google to ask how they registered their .CM domain name.

    I'm looking for cheaper domain reg prices than the hundreds of dollars listed elsewhere.

    As soon as I hear back, I'll let you readers know how it going...


    Stafford Loan said…
    I wonder if I can get a sweetheart deal going with Columbia (.co)
    That'd be cool if we can get .CO domains.

    In researching, I noticed some of them had to have a .COM precede the final extension, so they weren't worth it.

    I've gotta check on the .CO and the status of the .OM domains.

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