I Turned Off Email Delivery of My Blog Posts

I just paused the email delivery update of this blog's posts to my email subscribers.


Well, I'm experimenting again -- and I value my email readers too much to spam them.

I went thru most all my websites today, checked their Google Pageranks and sorted them by pagerank number. Amazingly, a newer website about email gift certificates is at a pagerank of 4.

And this blog is my next highest, at a 3.

All the others are 2 or 1 or 0.


To experiment just how much bearing Google places on pagerank and how that affects SEO efforts in getting a post to show up on the first page of Google's search-engine results pages for a particular search term, I plan to play around with this blog a bit and post my results.

Of course, everyone who wants to read all this can read my blog posts' headlines from my RSS feeds -- then click on the ones that interest them, as always.


David Jones said…
I think you may be on to something Paula. The other week I subscribed to a blog's RSS and noticed it wasn't full feed. It puzzled me because I knew Ive read "use full feed RSS' recommendations from that blog a long while ago. I thought about it for a minute, and figured that the blogger wanted people to come to the site to read post, which makes sense. didn't think about it anymore until I read your post.

many blogs that I subscribe to through email, I never make it to the website.

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