Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online ... and Why I'm Unlinking to VideoHybrid and Why I Was Crying Watching JCTV Last Night

by Paula Neal Mooney

Thursday, August 30, 2007 Update:
Here's an online TV guide listing free TV shows and where to watch them on the web.

Saturday, July 21, 2007 Update:

VideoHybrid had an ad displayed on their site the other day that blew my mind. It was of a bare-bottomed woman with a caption that asked if they wanted to see more.


This is what I'm linking to? What if 13-year-olds find this blog post and see that ad, which thankfully I haven't seen again.

Still, the Lord won't leave me alone about linking to them anyway, cause even though they have some nice movies (and I still need to comply with the rules fully to all my links), they also have some crazy movies that I tend to skip right over 'cause I don't want to see them.

But what about the kids online who don't skip over them?

Yes, parental guidance should be there, but I don't want to lead anybody to crap, only Christ the King. So I'm going thru removing all my links to them.

This was solidified last night for me, putting in the final touches of my microbraids, crying and facing the woman in the mirror as I watched The Ramp on JCTV. (Careful, music plays when you click!)

This world has nothing for me
I will follow You...

That's what it's all about, those kids with their hands lifted to the sky and crying and jumping around to that Rescue Me song I LOVE by Newsong.

So if you're looking for full-episodes of TV shows and movie clips available to watch online, try and see this other post detailing where to find your favorite TV shows online.

Original article:
Bless me Father, for I have sinned.

It's been two days since I posted a video of Rev Run on Oprah, and I'm feeling like I need to confess. But I don't feel guilty enough to take it down...

And it's no wonder, after reading TechCrunch's timely post today about VideoHybrid, a new site where you can watch movies and TV shows online for free<. This is my dilemma -- along with millions of other tech-savvy folks: We need a way to legally share TV shows and movies online without cries of copyright infringement bringing us cutting edge peeps down, the way parents no doubt balked at their kids falling in love with the hip-swiveling Elvis when he first emerged. Right now we live in that awkward space where the movie and TV people haven't caught up with the technology -- and sites like VideoHybrid are taking full, venture-capitalist advantage of the high demand from people who want to watch shows they've missed at home or in the theaters. They're the same type who've fervently typed "Rev Run on Oprah video" into search engines to receive the exact footage they want to view immediately.

If I could only shout out to Oprah herself and all the TV production companies out there:

"You're missing enormous advertising revenue by not offering free and legal online versions of your movies and TV shows!"

Places that sell individual shows on Amazon Unbox Video Downloads for $1.99 a pop is a good start; at least it's better than nothing.

But the future -- which VideoHybrid so blessedly displays -- is for the movie and TV producers to realize that we the people want this stuff for free!

Just make your money by running ads next to the videos, and you'll be fine.


That's how a little venture called network television works...

When are the old fogies going to realize this and stop fighting sites like YouTube and join the revolution?

There's my rant for today.


David Jones said…
I agree with you Paula, Ive always felt like the record industry and movie/Tv industry missed the boat with taking their medium to the web, now they want to sue everyone to catch up.

I keep hoping out of spite that some web company's take the control of the market away from them
Villager said…
Paula, it is only within the last six months that I realized that most of the network television shows that I watch are available online. I rarely see network television when it is originally broadcast. Instead, I catch up with NCIS, The Unit, CSI, Shark and such via the network website.

I imagine that VideoHybrid is the next frontier. I hadn't heard of it before your post today. I'll go check it out.

peace, Villager
Hey David
Yes, maybe that's what it would take for the big TV companies to take note: some start-up stealing their market share even more.

Hey, you're pretty techie and I'm a good marketer...hmm....

Thanks, Villager
You reminded me that some TV programs are available online to watch for free already. That's how I caught one missed episode of Grey's Anatomy.

But and others seriously need to catch up. They've only got these full episodes online:

According to Jim
The Bachelor
Brothers & Sisters
Dancing With the Stars
Day Break
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
The Knights of Prosperity
Men In Trees
October Road
Ugly Betty
What About Brian

Popular shows like The View and Oprah only have snippets here and there, but not the full free episodes.

What the heck are they waiting for?

I'm still trying to find the episode of The View that was pre-empted by President Bush's speech in which they talked about The Secret.

I can just smell all the revenue they're losing because of what? Distribution rights? Who knows?

Oh well, their loss is our gain...
Sunny Ellis said…
I was thinking about this just today. Fact is, the companies that are fighting technology tooth and nail are the ones that aren't going to be around in 5 years. If you want to last, you've gotta go with the flow
Maurizio said…
Well..forget VideoHybrid too..too much traffic :)
maurizio said…
Oops.. now it works again.Only the homepage though.
So back to the old fashioned TV.

Btw..this is only for english speaking people, at least if you don't want to download it, convert to avi and then add subtitles.
Fredric said…
you beat me to it. i was going to post about the site as a follow-up to my other post about peekvid.

dah well. good job. lol.

i may crosspost it later down the road.

Hi Sunny!
At least those of us who aren't fighting the technological revolution will be paid handsomely!

Yeah, Maurizio -
VideoHybrid was seriously slowing down yesterday, probably even more so for those folks who don't have Mozilla Firefox browsers!

So everybody who doesn't have Mozilla, download it free here: Browse the web faster. Get Firefox with Google Toolbarto help watch those VideoHybrid free videos!

And yes, too, Maurizio, I'm sure it was extra-slow yesterday after all us TechCrunch-heads hit the site at once. Glad it's better...

Hey Fredic
Aha! You should still post about VideoHybrid. I've heard of PeekVid, but I'll follow your link to learn more.

Thanks all!
queen-to-be said…
Im with you! The music industry already messed up by hiking the cost of albums up. I would pay $5, but Im not paying $15 when I can get it for free. And thanks for checking out my piece on Giant! I really appreciate the support
Cybermonk said…
I completely agree, that is the way television will be going.

Eventually Joost will be available
Adam said…
I am sure they realise. Just that they are trying to figure out how to make money from it. But yeah they are slow.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Martin Lindsey. said…
Hey Paula, I'm back online again. I'm going to have to check out some of your TV link suggestions on Safari. It's Apple's browser. Everything loads up really fast on this thing.

My new iMac has a 17" monitor so it may be worth taking a look at some of those shows now that it won't be so hard on the eyes. Lovin' it and back on track!!!
Bonnie Calhoun said…
Hey McMoney Mooney..You're going to be rich...and famous one day if you keep this up!

Oh, btw...go check out this song...the first time I heard it, it just blew me right away. I emailed Ronnie to ask if there was going to be a performance track, becaues as soon as this comes out in the fall, I just have to sing this at church!
Don Simkovich said…
Paula, I kept meaning to say get a pic of you smiling. Is that your new pic? Looks quite friendly and nice.

Good to read about your convictions. It inspires me.
Anonymous said…
try NSR for free movies
Movies said…
They will soon realize when they are losing great amounts of money to the internet.
ice said…
i totaly agree with you paula i realized in last month that this niche is fully and maybe that's what it would take for the big TV companies to take action.
Smart O said…
Thesse TV shows are spreading madness around the people. Everyone wants to b a star after watching these reality shows. people does not having concentration on their work, education etc.. The youth is totally mad about these stars and these TV shows. I would like to say that these kind of shows should be in limits.

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