Watch Free TV Online...Shows With Full Television Episodes and No Cost!

Watch free TV shows online here, like The OC, The Office, 24, Scrubs, Prison Paula Neal Mooney

Upate: I've created an online TV guide listing channels and links to watching full and partial episodes on the web.

"Watch live TV for free online!"

"Watch 24 online! Watch The Office online!"

The people have spoken.

Not only do we want our MTV, we want to watch our favorite MTV shows online...and our ABC shows, and our CBS shows...all for free viewing, full episodes.

And the TV execs are finally catching up with some of the renegade start-ups listed next to them below and are making some full episodes of their TV shows available to watch online for free.

Now, you may need a lightening fast connection and a whole lotta good juju for some of these babies to work -- check the site's specific requirements.

But play around, see what you can see.

Here are TV shows (some with full episodes) to watch free online:
WebsiteShows Available to Watch
ABC - Nighttime Shows Launch their player to watch full free episodes of
Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, October Road, Brothers and Sisters, Dancing with the Stars, Lost, Ugly Betty, National Bingo Night, Daybreak (starring Taye Diggs), What About Brian, Knights of Prosperity, The Bachelor, According to Jim
-- all for free!

Some have at least 10 or more full episodes online to watch free.
ABC FamilyWatch full free episodes of Falcon Beach, Kyle XY and more...
AOL TelevisionWatch full free episodes of stuff like...
Are You Hot? Bless This House, Babylon 5, Ben Stiller Show, CHiPs, Eight is Enough, Elimindate, The Flinstones, Growing Pains, Gilligan's Island
Cartoon NetworkWatch cartoons such as Naruto, The Prince of Tennis
CBSWatch full episodes of
Armed & Famous, The Class, CSI, CSI:NY, CSI: Miami, How I Met Your Mother, Jericho, The King of Queens, NCIS, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Numbers, Papdit, Rules of Engagement, Shark, Survivor Fiji and The Unit...
Also watch:
Pirate Master, The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Creature Comforts, Animate This!
Comedy CentralWatch snippets of episodes of The Colbert Report, The Daily Show,South Park, Reno 911, Sarah Silverman Program
CWTVWatch full free episodes of Everybody Hates Chris, Girlfriends, America's Next Top Model, All of Us, The Game
DisneyWatch full free episodes of That's So Raven, The Emperor's New School, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody…and snippets of High School Musical
ESPNSome sports stuff…
Fox on Demand (Only in some areas)Watch full free episodes of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, American Dad,The Loop, Talk Show,Bones, Drive, Standoff,Vanish and 24
HolersoftI downloaded a free two-week trial; has lots of channels but most seem like webtv newscasts
JoostGoogled around and begged people for an invite, got one, downloaded it and got a DirectX error. What the heck shows are on this site?
MTVWatch full free episodes of shows like Run's House, Real World, etc.

(Just select the show and choose "Read more..." to see if they have that show's full episode online.)
NBCWatch full free episodes of
30 Rock, Andy Barker PI, The Black Donnellys, Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Identity, Medium, Miss USA 2007, Medium, Passions, Raines
…and Two-Minute Free Replays of The Office, (watch full-length episodes of The Office here) Scrubs, ER, The Apprentice…and more
NickelodeonSpongeBob Heaven!

Watch full length episodes of SpongeBob and other shows to keep your kids quiet in airplane terminals, entranced by your laptop
PBS - FrontlineWatch full episodes of Frontline
PBS - Frontline WorldWatch full episodes of Frontline World
VH1Watch snippets of episodes of Monique's Charm School, Celebrity Fit Club
Watch Free EpisodesFind full-length episodes of The Office online to watch here...

WWITVLists TV stations sorted by state that link to local TV broadcast online


Villager said…
Paula --> I discovered these full episodes a few months ago. I now end up watching most of my television via the Internet during the middle of the work week. I often miss the original airing of a show in the evening because of meetings, children and such. These free/full episodes have been ideal for keeping up with Prison Break, NCIS, The Unit, Lost, 24 and such.

Great info. I didn't know about VH1 and some of the others on your list.

peace, Villager
This is great, Paula! Especially now in summer re-runs -- with this, I can finally go back and catch up on the shows I completely missed out on while I was devoted to LOST, Boston Legal, 30 Rock, and yes, I admit it, the last, strange season of The Apprentice w/Donald Trump (I think they've finally jumped the shark, you know what I mean?). Anyway, this is one for Regards, Sherri
Carlos said…
I have tested Joost and it worked for me. Not a big deal as to shows unless you like documentaries and Scifi series. What I did enjoy was the full screen mode and how interactive it can be. It was easy to move across the channels, watch was on next, play what was coming next, update online if available (the list is growing fast), chat, send mails to your friends, work with widgets,etc.
I am down for that! I already watch wonder woman for free on Aol IN2TV!
Hey Wayne the Villager
Yeah, when my TiVo flipped out a little on Grey's Anatomy, I was grateful to be able to catch it online.

Now people all over the UK are searching for that show online!

Hi Sherri
Yes, I'm glad The Apprentice w/Donald Trump has finally been cancelled!

But I do want to give a look-see to other shows I've missed like 30 Rock and such.

Hey Carlos
I seriously need to look further into my DirectX error. I was up too late last night to want to Google into it, but I think I just need to "Upgrade U" -- sorry, had a Beyonce moment there -- or, upgrade one of those doohickeys to get it to work.

I like documentaries, and I like checking back on these sites to see what new shows they've all added.

Hi Kimberly
That is so wonderful you watch Wonder Woman!

I can hear the theme song now -- Wonder Woman!

Ah...Linda Carter was just so empowering to us girls of the '70s, catching those criminals with her truth rope in her little 20-inch-waist-cinching-gold-belted getup!

Think I'll go back and check out some Chico and The Man...
maurizio said…
I tried just one and it says "US only"

Howdy Maurizio

Which one did you try? The VideoHybrid? ABC's site?

I'm really hoping the Grey's Anatomy ones are available to international readers because there's a big interest in GA overseas...
affzan said…
Good job Paula. Have you tried Sopcast? It's a p2p online TV. Much like Joost.
Leon said…
Awesome! Plus it makes sense. If people are gonna put your shows online, why not best them by showing clear ones, unlike those on YouTube?
confessing7girl said…
hiiiii i just hv to drop a comment with all that please comment... as i live in portugal we hv like weeks delay on episodes from the most famous tv shows and what i used to do was emule it or ask a friend to send me but this sounds much better and easier!! thanx for the info!!
musicmixingguru said…
no mac users allowed..this is the same thing as joost.

Thanks for the info.

I just went on the SopCast site and signed up and got annoyed cause they immediately told me I needed to update to a new version.

Ah...I think I just need to eat lunch. But I see they've got ESPN and stuff on there.

Maybe I can tell my hubby about this. I appreciate it.

Hey Leon
Exactly! ABC and all those places need to get more with the program.

Don't they know how many people are searching for Oprah and The View episodes online?

Hey, what you are confessing? ;-)

Let me know if these work for you down in Portugal.

One of my readers in Switzerland couldn't access the ABC site, but VideoHybrid worked for him.

Hey musicmixingguru brother man...
So you're a Mac user, heh?

I heard that this stuff doesn't work for you all. Do any of them work for Mac users?

There've gotta be some sites out there for Mac users that do the same thing.

Sounds like you should post about those!

Those Mac "mouses" kinda freak me out...
AgentSully said…
Way cool info! Your site is looking awesome, BTW!! Nice updates! I'll be giving this one a stumble!
musixmixingguru said…
lol i use a wireless pc mouse and keyboard on my mac. It was funny that you mentioned it. by mac key and mouse broke and i had that wireless setup laying around. I thought about posting it but i haven't found the time to find a service that will work. i been so much on just audio that im going crazy. But i have been learning more about audio in these last few weeks then i have i the last 2 years combined. Audio Changes frequently so i have a lot to should get on your own server you have too good of a site to just keep it on blogger.
Thanks for the Stumble, AgentSully.
You didn't read the part of my email asking if that was your real avatar...

Music Mix Guru Bro' Man
Yeah, it's funny you should write that 'cause I'm playing around on DreamHost right now, looking for a good URL and an even better coupon code around the net!

But that'll be for new dot coms I set up. I am not transferring this PR5 God-blessed baby anytime soon!
blogpaul said…
I have watched all of the Spongebob ones...wish we could get Fosters House for imaginary Friends or even My Gym Partner's a Monkey.

Run's house is actually one show I love to watch...I like the one where he busted Diggy for stealing everything.

Thanks for the post...I am finally back from my 3 month European vacation...ok I didnt even leave my city, but i'm reading a lot again!
Laura said…
Hi Paula!

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm tired of reality shows.

I want some good clean shows like The Cosbys and Growing Pains ...
Cyberpartygal said…
Greta list Paula! Will definitely watch the shows if my broadband is up to it!
Now I know how to spend my time if I ever need to go back to cubicle hell.... Mwahahaha... mwahahaha... :D
Utah SEO said…
I don't own a TV so it was nice to catch all my favorite shows online. Sadly, most of these sites are blocked where I am living now, in the Philippines.
andy said…
This is a great list. I don't usually watch TV online but I am pretty happy with Joost.
Anonymous said…
There is actually a huge list of videos and shows, in case you missed your favorite show.

You can watch online television shows and movies any time you want, for free!
mus1402 said…
Does anyone know where I can watch online The Amazing Race 11 All-Stars Episode 11??? PLzzzz help. I've been looking for it everywhere and still could not find it.
Hey thanks for so many links.Now no need to search on search engine for the sites.Thanks a lot.I am a die hard fan of Naruto. If you want see Naruto you can visit my site too.
Keep up the good work. :)
joy said…
I am an great fan of show like NCIS.Tis is one of mi fave shows as its an fantabulous series.I love this show, since the first episode. I was a big fan of Michael Wheatherly before and so I wanted to see him again.
play free bingo said…
This is a great idea for a guys like me. Now a days internet is every where so v can watch it where ever u needs. But we cant carry TV with us 24x7.
Great thing, It worths a lot for me, awesome, it sounds great :D

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