»»»»»»»» Google Trends Down? Google Hot Trends List Not Updated in 5 Hours and Counting...

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My fair Google trends list, please update thee again!

I absolutely love Google Trends Labs list that's usually updated hourly.

Today Google Trends list hasn't been updated in over 5 hours.

The other day, Google Trends list wasn't updated for 15 hours or more.

Wow, I didn't know till I read that post that spammers are the ones responsible for those X-rated weird searches that show up on the list. Hope Google is doing away with those ASAP...

What's up, Google Trends people at your Google Plex?

Hopefully they're just working hard to make the Google Trends list even better, giving us not only a list of the movers and shakers, but the most popular pages indexed by day, month, 3-month period, 6-month-period and more.

Wouldn't that be cool?

Won't it be so awesome to see what pages in this whole world wide web got the most hits in one day?


Sassy said…
HI Paula,

It's good knowing most of your blogs have pagerank. By the way, how to use Google Trends? Does it actually increase traffic?
I like Google trends too. i am able to get some traffic of this, and everybody can if they use it clever enough.

And, yes, unfortunately, those blackhatters are indeed showing in the results with their nasty software. Hey, I like your blog, and will return.
Hi Secret Affiliate Codes -

I'm sure those porn blackhatters will fall soon. They've gotta realize that SPAM kings go to jail...

Hi Sassy -

Read this post to help learn how I use Google Trends to drive traffic to my websites:

Get More Blog Traffic - How I got 25,000 hits in one day...
I only recently started using Google trends for driving traffic to my blog. So far so good, but it is tough when you want to do everything white hat and there are so many out there who try and cheat the system.
Google trends are really cool to see and a regular update lets us to see many in a day. This is nice stuff but there are certain black goats who spoil the whole show.
Sassy said…
Thanks for the tips Paula. I read the article and I will apply it in my blog for sure. Thank again.
Petite said…
Hi Paula, it's good knowing most of your blogs have pagerank. What was your secret?
Hey Petite -

I think the main thing with getting a good Google PageRank is time, getting good links to you -- and linking to yourself with good anchor text if you've got multiple sites.

But don't overdo the interlinking with the same exact anchor text, because I've found that Google penalizes that.
Martin Lindsey. said…
Hey Paula, you ought to create a Linkedin account to expand your network for blog traffic. They have widget scripts you can add to your site as well.
Thanks, Martin.

It's funny that you say that because I was just on LinkedIn today -- getting more recommendations and building up my LinkedIn to look better.

Maybe, I'll put back that LinkedIn widget on this blog.

Something good is in the air...


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