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Want to increase blog traffic? Witness the testimony of 25,000 blog hits in one wonderful day...

I got 25,000 blog hits on my TV site in one day. Actually, the gravy train kept going for two days, with each day averaging about 25,000 hits.

I'm so overjoyed, I had to take a screen pic (CLICK TO ENLARGE IT) and share the tips below it:
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How to get more daily traffic to your blog...

1 - Check Google Hot Trends list.I admit it, I'm obsessed. Google trends list is how I get my daily news. But watch out -- some stuff you don't want to click on.

2 - Write a blog post about something that interests you on the list that people are searching for, but not many people have written about yet -- at least not in a good SEO'd (search-engine optimized) type of way.

But when you see an interesting item like "Elevator Ghost," you gotta blog about it.

3 - Be short and sweet...and if it involves a video, even better.
Short posts work pretty well. People don't necessarily want to pour over my eloquent words (at least not in that setting) -- they just want to see the video. Short and quick!

4 - Give the link love...In that Granny Ghost post linked to above, I actually thought about not linking to the guy who posted up the answer that it was a hoax. But then my Spirit said, "No, go ahead and take the time to link to him."

5 ....it will come back to you 100,000 fold! (I pray...be it El-Shaddai's will alone...)
Lo and behold, The Huffington Post (which gets over 550,000 -- that's more than half a million --- visitor per day!) linked to my post in a provocative, interesting, teasing way that made people come-a-clikin'!

6 - Don't mind the content scrapers...
...they only help your PageRank if they link to you. I learned this lesson either from the Carlo Cab kid who's in the fourth "make money online" top Google position right now.

Or was it from Courtney Tuttle, The Internet Marketing fellow?

I don't know, both those guys inspire me.

7 - Write your visions...
...make them plain. Photoshop your future.

Fast and pray over them, and He will make them happen.

Then document the answered visions and say Thank You, Jesus!!!


Villager said…
You continue to amaze me. I appreciate you taking time to share these blogging tips. I'm saving this for more long-term consumption as I strive to increase the number of eyeballs that come to visit the Electronic Village over the coming weeks and months. Thanx again for all you do...
Jordan Pearce said…
Great post. This is the beauty of having multiple blogs. I'll do my research and almost always have somewhere to post it. Congrats on the hits!
tv bracket said…
I would be happy with 2500! There are some great ideas here I will implement on my blog.
Welly said…
hi there, it's 1st time for me to jump in your blog. your blog is one that my friend recomended for me because your blog is include in dofollow blog. I think your blog is full of information that useful and it can be share with me because i'm is begginer. It's a benefid to me to know you more and make you as my friend on the bloggers world. And my i get backlink from you?
kid said…
I'm new to the AfroSphere/Spear.there are so many creative people in our group. I will come back for ideas.Feel free to come by and give me a critique. don't be too hard now, take care.
Myfinancebutler said…
This is a great, blog post, I have been blogging for a while and I can attest to the fact that these really work. I think one of the tried and tested tips is to write a blog post about what people are looking for. It has worked for me every time.
robee said…
Let me try your tips. I think this tips can be really useful.

I look at google hot trends and I amazed. I never think to use them.

Thank you.
Dot said…
wow paula.. nice tips.. appreciate it esp when i really need such a high hit count though :D
Wow. You have quite a few blogs. Thanks for a great strategy. I only dream about 25K clicks at this moment, but you never know... maybe my dreams tomorrow will come true :D
this is really amazing and also i agree with you. for you to gain traffic on your blogs what you have to do is to update your posts daily and make people have access to important informations they are looking for. and having many blogs at a time is a headache but a good way to earn more traffics by having external links also.
Recycling Manny said…
25,000 hits is just awesome, something I can't even think about duplicating yet in our new blog. But with the pointers I'm picking up here, who knows? :)

You're amazing, and the first time I saw your blog, I knew I was coming back for more. You're writing from the heart, and that to me is something that's a rarity to be valued, these days. Thank you.
What a great compliment, Recycling Manny.

TV Brackets said…
Thats really an amazing article. These blogging tips have started making me wonder about how should i optimize my blogs to increase my earnings. Some good tips really. Thanks and Cheers!
I think your best advice is to pray over it. :) The blogosphere rolls and rolls without God's guidance, and I think the world would be a better place if praying and blogging were always intertwined.
Jeane said…
Thanks 4 useful tips about Google Trends - it is really important actually
Tanya said…
Google Trends is really useful instrument but unfortunately only for you guys who live in USA. I'm from Russia and here we don't have that amount of useful information from Google Hot Trends :-(
Great article, Paula! Short but yet sharp as it suggests.. Though I can't figure out how to work out tips #1 with tips #2. They seems opposite to each others. Perhaps a bit of explanation and personal tutoring for me concerning those two?
Hi -

Tip #1 just says pick a hot search term from Google Trends, that I linked to above.

Like "elevator ghost," for example.

Then I made sure to include "elevator ghost" in the post title (at the beginning) and in the 1st paragraph of the blog post quite a few times throughout as well.

That's what I mean by SEO.
Life coaching said…
This is amazing. For a blog to hit 25000 is a great accomplishment, and immediately gives you a throne in blog optimization.
That's amazing to get so many hits in one day. I would be amply satisfied with 1,000 for an amateur blogger.
Incredible!!! 25000 hits in one day. Your blog must be a really popular one i suppose.
Mücahit said…
thanks for info i like it.

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