Go Fug Yourself Ladies Making $6,240 per month -- God, why am I making $1,010.12 per month? I'm sorry for being such a brat...thank You!

by Paula Neal Mooney

Have you seen the Business Week piece called Bloggers Bring in the Big Bucks that everyone's blogging about?

Hmmm...reminds me of another list of webmaster revenue I know...

Anyway, the Go Fug Yourself girls are pulling in $6,240 a month!

With typepad still in their URL, mind you!

This prompted a mini-jealous streak in me when I first read it yesterday, ranting at God:

"See they're making all this money dogging people out!"

"Just keep blogging and driving traffic," answered The Answer.

Actually, I'm not mad at the pretty ladies -- I used to subscribe to their blog, I just decided that I wasn't that interested in fashion -- especially not posts that begrudge the way celebrities look and dress.

Make Money -- Go Write That Niche Site!
Yet what I'm learning from their success and those of the others in the Business Week piece -- congrats ShoeMoney and Darren Rowse (who knew he was a minister?) -- is that consistently proving you can drive more and more traffic blogging a niche you love is key.

I'm certainly finding that niche sites pay better.

The continued success I've been given for my niche site about watching free episodes of TV online has proved to be the main reason my Google Adsense earnings have jumped to nearly 500 bucks in the last month alone.

Like they say, the better your niche, the more relevant your ads, the more likely people will click on them.

Plus, it's gotta be something you're passionate about. It shows thru the writing.

Just Keep Blogging...Just Keep Blogging...
I always give myself that pep talk in the voice of Dorey from Finding Nemo when I start comparing my small earnings to those of Perez Hilton and such, also on the list.

(He's getting a lot of pub lately -- on The View and with Posh Spice this week! His writings are hateful, but he's just so lovable in interviews. Go figure.)

Then I realize some of these bloggers work really hard, have been at it longer, and just might not have the work/life balance down pat. But then again, who does? My 6-year-old asks me if I need to put up a blog post.

Getting a good advertiser seems key as well, so that may be my next focus. Just how many pageviews do you have to have to get with Blogads and such? Time will tell.

Shake What Your Daddy Gave Ya!

Overall, I'm content with my blog earnings.

I'm happy that Associated Content continues to pay nice bonuses, 'cause old articles I sweated over and still getting good pageviews.

Plus I'm plenty excited about Kontera, earning at a good clip, and over the fact that I wrote my 10th post for Pay Per Post yesterday -- if approved, that means I'll finally get to add another blog to the PPP site.

So, I think that's it for now. Below is my income.

Click on the links where appropriate that float your boat, sign up if you want and start that niche site:

Paula's Online Income
as of July 17, 2007
#Program / WebsiteCUMULATIVE EARNINGS AS OF 7/17/07Increase Since Last Income Post on 6/13/07
1 - Google Adsense$1,011.98$490.03
2 - Associated Content1,627.87 191.04
3 - Ghost Blogging850.00 125.00
4 - Kontera244.75 96.64
5 - PayPerPost271.82 42.32
6 - Amazon Associates864.31 41.30
7 - Feedburner Ad Network30.5318.13
8 - Sedo4.394.39
9 - The News Room0.680.68
10 - Auction Ads / ShoeMoney Media27.670.50
11 - AdBrite 5.970.09
12 - Cleveland/Akron Family1,325.000
13 - ReviewMe275.000
14 - The Value of the Swag236.000
15 - SponsoredReviews175.500
16 - Writer's Digest Contest156.250
17 - Text Link Ads50.000
18 - Earnings for Blogging About Swag40.000
19 - Blogsvertise35.000
20 - CreamAID16.000
21 - Blogitive15.000
22 - LoudLaunch10.000
23 - Squiddo1.020
24 - Chitika eMiniMalls00
25 - SlashMySearch0.010
26- AzooleAds00
27 - Clickbank00
28 - AGLOCO00
30 - PayPal's Referral Program00
Grand Totals

I'm so grateful.

I've stopped ranting and raving at God -- for the time being -- and gotten back to counting my blessings, realizing that somebody staring at the above income numbers with only 7 bucks sitting in their Google Adsense account would love to post these numbers.

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    aprobloggermom said…
    Whooo hoo! Go Paula! Those are awesome numbers and you should be proud of them, as you are an inspiration to many! Congrats on the success or your new niche site also.
    Jaz said…
    I am so ready to make that kind of income!! This is great and you are blessed! I love it that you do not hide what look like your Christian beliefs. Yeah!!

    In addition to my blogging, I have a ministry site called Lura's Bookcase at http://lurasbookcase.com

    Please visit anytime! Everyone is welcome!!
    Elvin said…
    God, why am I still making less than 100 dollar a month? And God, thank you for sending this blog address to me, so it can be my inspiration....Amen.
    Keep praising God, and things will roll... The figures look good and your picture at the bottom looks happy. BTW- Yeah who knew Darren was actually a minister and I still can't believe how much lol cats rake in at I can haz cheeseburger, too bad my cat is stupid!
    "2 bad my huemen is stoopid 2"( that portion of comments written in by my cat.) Keep bloggin Paula - Michelle Smart not Cheap
    The Old Vic said…
    Nice stats Paula ! Doubling your income every month is very impressive. Thanks for the Business Week article I never even knew it was there ! (I should get out more). I agree niches are the way to go.
    Thanks, everybody.

    Yeah, I'm excited about the income increasing.

    I realize that my Google Adsense cumulative number is correct, but I think I mean to write somewhere closer to $400 in Google Adsense income in the past little over a month since I last posted my income on 6/13/07.

    Hey, I love numbers and Excel -- but there is a reason I left the financial field for the techie dept!

    And that cat cheezeburger site is funny.

    Peace all,
    Michael said…
    I have a theory that anyone that sticks with this blogging thing will become an expert in a yet to be defined new medium.

    BTW, You look much happier in this new photo at the bottom of this post. Use it. You look a little too mean in your other blog photo.
    Jim.Legington said…
    Hey there Paula,

    You did it again, another great Post and I
    just had to again add it to my del.icio.us

    Congrats on those earning but the
    good news is very soon you will be
    noting that you have Doubled that
    $6,240 per month. Why?, Because you
    are blessed and God has surrounded
    you and your family with favor.

    Please send me an email or post a comment at
    our Blog and Let us rejoice with You and Your
    family just as soon Our Lord Jesus Christ
    moves every mold hill by grace of His Word.
    We now call it done in the name of
    Jesus Christ Our Lord.

    Be Blessed always!

    PS: Purpose of this link is to start a cycle
    of link love that features You Paula Neal
    Mooney and witness to your being a blessing
    in blogosphere, really for many!
    Amy Bass said…
    Your earnings are amazing! I cannot wait until I get up to $7k a month! :) Amy Bass

    My Debt Free Goal
    The Old Vic said…
    Hey Paula,
    Have you ever wanted to know how much French bloggers make from their blogs ? (Yes/No - delete as appropriate :-) - Well now you can find out - I translated a French blogger's list (similar to yours except 1/20th the size - due to French bloggers being less numerous and more secretive) - http://www.netmonetization.com/2007/07/how-much-do-french-bloggers-make-from.html - it's been dugg by the French community and got 71 diggs already - maybe it will become famous ! :-)
    Brad Isaac said…
    If you ever get to feeling bad about $1,010.12 per month, consider...

    It is equivalent to full time sweeping popcorn off movie theater floors and going home smelling like butter.

    Being a fry cook at a fast food restaurant.

    Delivering pizzas at night.

    Blogging isn't a bad job after all!
    Laura said…
    Congratulations Paula! You're getting there. Good for you!
    swollenpickles said…
    Hi Paula,
    Quick question, what exactly is the "Associated Content" thing in your earnings list? I think I've missed that one?
    Hey Swollen Pickles

    Yes, when I signed up with Associated Content last year it was the best thing I ever did.

    I began writing articles for them (they pay small amounts generally, based on the article) and had them published at their site.

    Their CEO, Luke Beatty, even let me interview him:
    AssociatedContent.com CEO Luke Beatty Answers Questions and Puts Rumors to Rest...

    Then they did a very smart thing for sites like that: They decided to pay their content producers a portion of the ad revenue as bonuses based on pageviews.

    Some of my pieces, like this one about Lebron James' new house with a barbershop and casino inside and especially this one about two hardcore rappers kissing on the mouth have received lots and lots of pageviews, so I get bonus money based on them.

    I haven't submitted an article for payment to Associated Content in a while -- I've been so busy with creating content for this blog and my Watch Free Episodes site.

    Associated Content is good because if they approve your news article, it will appear in Google News, but they've recently changed the rules to say that it can't be a news story reported by other organizations just rehashed over, it has to be a news report that's original.

    So if you know a good original news story, that's another great way to bring exposure to yourself as a writer, and potentially to your own site, if readers click that far into your profile.

    I highly recommend Associated Content just because of my past experiences with all they've done for me.

    Some writers for them look at the negative, expecting too much from AC -- or to get rich overnight thru them.

    I look at the positive way AC has inspired me to create my own dot coms and draw my own advertising revenue.

    They'll always have a warm spot in my blogging heart.
    swollenpickles said…
    Thanks for the info Paula. I tried signing up with AP, but then realised they don't make payments to people outside the US.
    Kelly said…
    Hey that would be me Paula! I only have $5.00 in my Adsense account--HaHa, Great job and GL to you!
    Buddha said…
    oh I am loosing so much a month...
    Congrats Paula! The past few days I've seen an increase with Google Adsense. I signed up with Associated Content and Helium a few months ago I however I haven't written any articles yet. It is on my to do pile. :-)
    tAnYeTTa said…
    Paula!!! I LOVED this post! You're such an inspiration!
    AgentSully said…
    Every time I visit your blog I get so much to digest, it's overwhelming but great! Thanks for all your recent great info.

    Regarding your ranting at God about your earnings, I can totally see you some time in the near future on one of those lists for top earners! Keep up the great work.

    Best regards,
    Ahermitt said…
    You are my inspiration Paula... I do miss your AC articles, but I can see how focussed you are...

    I just gave up a paid blog gig, because my online pay decreased since starting it seeing I was making so little money online.

    I know if I keep at it, my online earning will grow... right now I have to work about 8 hours a day to get what you are making (mostly using AC), but I know it can be done.

    My next goal is to work less hours.

    Ps... don't forget to post on AC from time to time, I think they stop paying bonus if you don't post something like once every few months.
    Ahermitt said…
    PS. Just so you know who I am, my AC name is dreahwrites
    Sorry, Swollen Pickles...
    Yes, AC is only for us in the US.

    Hopefully I will find an international equivalent to tell everyone about.

    Funny, Kelly...
    I hope the Adsense account grows.

    It can take time, but keep blogging and blogging -- one day you may be surprised when you're making 70 bucks a week.

    Hi Buddha
    Why are you losing so much per month?

    Hey Opal
    Good. Good. And good.

    Yes, think I'll publish an article or two on AC soon.

    Thanks Fishbone Lady -- you're a funny writer.

    Hi Sully
    Yeah, your blog has tons of info too.

    You amaze me with the amount of content you're able to produce.

    Thank you so much, Andrea, for the heads up about publishing on AC and keeping my bonus pageviews.

    I need to come back there anyway!

    Hopefully I'll be able to publish a good news story or something soon. Take care, Paula (p.s. I like your sites. They are so professionally done.)
    Associated content is still earnings for you? That's weird. Really we found that AC cannot quite earn anything great for writers. And that it is a highly unethical business. Anyways, yours must be quite an exception

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