A Money Web Page...How I've Made $6,264.81 Writing Online

How much money can you make blogging? Check it out...by Paula Neal Mooney

To paraphrase a line from the cult classic Swingers, your site is so money and you don't even know it.

My online writing and blogging revenue has grown to $6,264.81 using the variety of sources listed below, each of which I joined at varying start dates.

But I've earned only about 540 bucks since the last time I reported my online income over a month ago.

Last night the father of lies was trying to get me all discouraged over this, over the irony of getting the biggest post of my life in the same month that my writing income dropped due to several factors:

1 - An advertiser rejected the quite lovely post called "The first time ever I saw your porn..."
2 - No ghost blogging income
3 - An essay failed to reach a publisher in time for print

"What kind of idiot would stay up till 3 a.m. and work like a Hebrew slave day in and day out for only $500 a month?"

Those are the thoughts that threatened to take hold, before the Truth reminded me to continually renew my mind and see what was really going on.

I realized that beyond making any money thru online ventures, lower income numbers this month matter not when it comes to how much I LOVE blogging.

And just like Bishop Jakes has been teaching, God is repositioning me and my thinking to get away from the ancillary stuff -- not so much paid posting, etc. -- and put a laser sharp focus on growing the stuff that He's put under my control.

Watch my WatchFreeEpisodes.com
Which leads me to my latest labor love, a brand new site where people can watch full and partial episodes of TV shows and movies online for free.

WatchFreeEpisodes.com is a site the Creator has amazed me in showing me how to set up from scratch for only $23 for the first year. (More on that later...I'm still creating content up the wazoo, but right now I'm revealing it 'cause I really need the link love from me to me to get Google to crawl that puppy faster.)

Like my friend Lisa's Jericho on CBS site, mine is a site set to take advantage of the growing trend of folks wanting to watch stuff online.

The future's so bright...
...I can feel that ram about to break out the bush. There've been other things to get excited about that have happened recently.

  • I finally made it into Feedburner Ad Network for this blog! See those ads at the bottom of the posts on my feed? Some of those pay up to $7 gross CPM. Around the time my blogger salaries post went viral and my Feedburner subscriber count grew above 200 and my pageviews were a couple thousand or so, I checked that "monetize" tab in Feedburner and it actually had an invite. So don't give up on this one...

So if you're itching to up your income for your "money web page," click on the below links and join where appropriate.

Paula's Online Income
as of June 13, 2007
#Program / WebsiteCumulative Earnings as of June 13, 2007Increase Since Last Income Post
1 - Associated Content1,436.83120.40
2 - Cleveland/Akron Family1,325.00 0.00
3 - Amazon Associates823.0168.96
4 - Ghost Blogging725.000.00
5 - Google Adsense521.95123.12
6 - ReviewMe275.000.00
7 - The Value of Swag236.0073.35
8 - PayPerPost229.5015.00
9 - SponsoredReviews175.506.50
10 - Writer's Digest Contest156.250.00
11 - Kontera148.1197.11
12 - Text Link Ads50.0025.00
13 - Earnings for Blogging About Swag40.0020.00
14 - Blogsvertise35.000.00
15 - Auction Ads / ShoeMoney Media27.17-22.22(Don't know?)
16 - CreamAID16.000.00
17 - Blogitive15.000.00
18 - Feedburner Ad Network12.4012.40
19 - LoudLaunch10.000.00
20 - AdBrite5.880.18
21 - Squiddo 1.020.00
22 - Chitika eMiniMalls0.190.00
23 - SlashMySearch0.000.00
24- AzooleAds0.000.00
25 - Clickbank0.000.00
26 - AGLOCO0.000.00
27 - CRISPADS0.000.00
28 - PayPal's Referral Program0.000.00
Grand Totals

Pretty good and I'm pretty grateful.

And it's 3:02 a.m.

Watch full and partial episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies online -- all for free!


Paula, You continue to be an inspiration -- keep on, Girl. I'll be over to the other site to visit soon, this Camp Mommy thing is just about killing me!
Laura Spencer said…

Thanks for your honesty about this. I think this is good progress and something to be proud of. I get tired of seeing those posts that claim to bring on thousands of Adsense dollars. It's frustrating for me, who sits here with a mere $7.00 in my Adsense account, to read those posts.

This, on the other hand, seems realistic and even attainable.

Keep up the good work! I'm sure it will pay off. We'll learn how to make that happen together.

Thanks again for this post!
Michael said…
Hang in there Paula. Patience is a virtue.

You have come a long way from the beginning of the year.
Digital Nomad said…
It's not many time you fall down...it's how many times you get back up.
Yolanda said…
Keep on keeping on- you are on your way toward uncountable blessings. Thanks for continuing to be a blessing to so many even as you struggle. I'm just waiting for your announcement when you earn your first $1million blogging, it won't be long.
Hang in there, Sherri baby!

Hi Laura
Your words of encouragement mean a lot to me and I thank God for them.

Yeah, those guys that send a gazillion emails saying "I'VE MADE MILLIONS ON THE NET!" then won't tell you why till you pay $97 are annoying too!

Thanks, Michael
It's true that it's good that great things can take time. I guess that's why many people fall away from blogging.

All the better for us who stick with it!

Hi Digital Nomad
"It's not many time you fall down...it's how many times you get back up."

More inspiration! I appreciate it.

Thanks, Yo -- hope I can call you Yo
Yes, and I pray when that first million comes along the Lord shows me what to do with it -- His way!
Bonnie Calhoun said…
Cool beans...I'm going to start calling you McMoney Mooney! :-)
kweenkong said…
Always impressive figures, Paula!

But I know exactly how you felt, the doubt about how much time blogging successfully requires. Just keep it up. One day you'll be sitting on Oprah's couch, telling the world how you did it. ;-)
RebelHousewife said…
Paula, I came back to find your link to Kontera, and I know my http://fetchrex.com friends are checking out the news video thing from your link, so I hope that helps!

Also, there's something new to compete with AdSense from Ask.com/Mediajump -- have you heard about this? I just signed up, so I'm not sure what it's all about yet.

I gave up on AdSense, for the most part, when it was serving up all "hot housewife" type stuff (and worse) -- really not what The Rebel Housewife is all about. I know I can stop that stuff, but I haven't taken the time to figure it out. Yet.

Take care -- you are doing great!
You made me smile with that McMoney Mooney comment. I was thinking about it last night.

Hey Kween you South Side Star! (I was just hangin' on the South Side of "the Chi" this past week...
Thanks for being the official second commentator over at WatchFreeEpisodes.com...David Jones at JonesPc.com was my first with the trackback thingee that I love over there.

Oprah's couch...I'm agreeing with you on that vision!

And thanks for the Class of 3000 tip.

Hi Sherri the RebelHousewife
I pray your FetchRex.com friend and all of us benefit from TheNewsRoom.com thing. Thanks!

You're right, Adsense can come up with some crazy ads. I took the links out the header of my new site 'cause they had some crazy shows.

I gotta go remember to block some sites. Did you do that with those "hot housewife" ads you didn't want under "competitive ad filter" in Google Adsense?

I know they can be hard to keep up with sometimes though. Overall, the ads on my new site are pretty intuitive, so hopefully the CTR will be great.

And I'll look into the Ask.com/Mediajump thing. Is there a referral program? I can sign up under you.

I sincerely appreciate all this inspiration...
Don Simkovich said…
Paula, all biz ventures go up and down. There are a lot of lessons to learn in this developing medium.

I feel like I'm positioning my site for income and I'm developing some new strategies - incorporating what I've learned from you and others.
Linky Love said…
Hi paula, read how I made almost 88 dollar on the net (in case you are updating your list) at http://www.linkylove.net/make-money-online-add-your-link-exchange-2007-06-11/monthly-earnings-amount.html

Still long way to go before I will get full coverage on your blog :-)

God bless!
Hey Linky Love -

Great timing!

I'm updating my list right now.

Check for your linky love soon...
Linky Love said…
I could hear you updating all the way on this side of the globe :-) (not to mention you mentioned 19th of june last time).

I see you are not using smorty.com yet. They are new, not many opportunities, but much better than Loudlaunch and Creamaid in terms of payments.

For more tips I read your blog :-)
The Old Vic said…
Hi Paula,
Thanks for all the useful info. and tips. I don't see any mention of stumbleupon on your site. Do you use it at all, as I find that a high percentage of visitors to my blogs actually find their way there via stumbleupon.
Funny, Linky Love...
Sounds like when I would pick up the phone to call my mom and she'd answer saying, "You heard me thinking about you..."

Still haven't tried that Smorty.

Hi Old Vic
Yeah, I had a StumbleUpon link long ago. I figure I'd just let anyone who wants to Stumble my stuff do it and give me the old thumbs up from their toolbar.

I've been happy when my readers have reviewed me and given me the thumbs up without me even asking!

Bless y'all,
zaki said…
You'll get bigger as time goes by...I'm so happy for you....

I hope I can be like you and the others

Do you still do the link love?
Hi Zaki -

Yeah, I'll be doing a WHOLE LOTTA link love this week when my new list of blogger and webmaster salaries comes out!
zaki said…
OK, I'm going to need some link love from you later on...

SilverSky said…
Thanks for the advice, would really like to boost my blog a bit.


Amanda Gladden said…
Keep up the excellent work! Even when you don't see the immediate gratification, remember you are in this for the long haul. Your hard work produces "evergreen posts". They will be around and generating ad revenues and new readership for you months, hopefully years down the road. HE didn't bring you this far to cut you loose now.

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