A Make-Money Web Site...Turn Your Blog Into One That Pays

by Paula Neal Mooney

"Make money on the web," or "make money web site."

Those are the kind of things that people type into search engines.

Well, it's time to count up my online income once again -- and I'm glad to report that it's grown by nearly $1,000 since the last time I counted up my blogging revenue.

Want to make real money on the web?

Join the places that are linked below for free:
Make-Money Web Site
LTD Earnings
Associated Content$1,316.43
Amazon Associates$754.05
Review Me$275.00
Google Adsense$398.83
Sponsored Reviews
Auction Ads
Text Link Ads
Writer's Digest
My Column$1,3525.00
Ghost Blogging
Swag -- Free Stuff$162.65
Blogging About Swag$20.00



David Jones said…
Wow Paula, your really raking in the dough
Glen said…
The bulk of my blogging income comes from Google and Text Link Ads I have been trying to figure out the best way to leverage Amazon. Any suggestions.
Waken said…
Hi Paula,
This is really motivating! Just loves to see the money keep rolling in ;)
Arun said…
I was looking for earning program for my blog http://heartmates.blogspot.com Thanks for providing the list of companies which are offering these type services. I am sure that this blog post will be a great help who likes to make money blogging.


Laura said…
It's an awesome list Paula and very helpful for those who are just starting out.

I would like to see my blogging income equal my offline writing business income one day.

Thanks for showing us what works!
Thanks all.

I'm being motivated by researching more money-making avenues.

Stay tuned for more...

Glen -- Yeah, I never run TLA -- they're only for WP blogs, right?

The best way to leverage Amazon?

Scott Allen has some great ideas in this article,but I've yet to incorporate most of his.

I'd say the best way is to be one of the first to write about an expensive product featured on Amazon (hopefully with celebrity exposure) that goes viral that many people will buy.

And be honest...if you haven't tried it, say so. People will still buy.
Donbizblogger said…
I'm finding out it pays to have even a small business plan for your blog - especially when it comes to developing a theme, finding sponsors and promoting it. Thanks, Paula, for allowing me to learn about some of the best sponsors to monetize a site.
Scott Nance said…
Thanks for this info, Paula. For whatever reason, I've had more luck with Blogitive, and I just got into PayPerPost, so I'm really happy with that. :)

I wouldn't be where I am without your help & support.

On The Hill
Blog Rater Dave said…
Congratulations on the money making. Hopefully we can all get there one day.
David said…
Sweet! You really know how to make money online. Blogs are awesome.
Excellent Paula! You are raking in the dough! Keep up the great work.
ellen weber said…
Paula, this is a great blog -- and thanks for the guidelines and inspiration you shared. No wonder this blog does so well! Keep it rolling -- you are a credit to the blogosphere:-)
zawadi said…
Sounds really good Paula.
"I need to learn how to write too"
After 3 yrs at a University I still can't write lol.
I'm going back though lol.
Again Great Blog Paula keep it going!

Robyn McMaster said…
Hi Paula, this is just amazing. When folks want to make lots of money from blogging and score big this is where to come that's for sure. I followed a link here from my friend, Jim Walton's site.

Keep the great work booming!
CyberCelt said…
Here for Click and Comment Monday from CoolAdzine for Marketers. Just following the do-follow blogroll.
vinee said…
Wow, More alternatives to earn online . Thanks buddy for sharing info .
pfunk said…
Paula, I'm a neophyte and can use all the information that I can get.
I'll be commenting a lot with a great many questions...get a cup of coffee...lol
Studiolafayette said…
I am just a beginner in blogging and I think your blog is going to help me. Just bookmarked it! Keep on posting Paula, good work!
Travis Eneix said…
Thank you SO much for this most! Terribly useful to see a break down of the resources that have worked for you! You rock!
lisa q. said…
thank you so much for the inspirational post and for breaking it down for us...very impressive and very motiviating...i even linked to you on my latest post... http://40ssingleness-makingmoneyonline.blogspot.com/2007/05/associated-content.html ... hope you'll check it out!
abyks said…
congrats!what a 'stunning' achievement.a great blog for blogger motivation.i've create a simple "data" about your success in my blog.LETS UNITE
Cynthia Blue said…
Very impressive! I am a new blogger and am having fun, and making a little too. :)
Trebouldaz said…
Great information! I feel that there should be more blogs catering to the newbies. Thats the only way we gon get more people in the bloggers community, which mean more money. Where do all the newbies go anyway? They go to where the can find information on starting a blog and running it. Most of the bloggers out here are newbies anyway or the would be asking so many questions.

Anonymous said…
great to see you doing really well paula - keep it up!

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Michael Alavi said…
Hi Paula

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Tara said…
Thanks so much for this most valuable information, Paula!

There are a lot of "make money blogging" guides floating around the Net; but yours is, by far, the most concisive, tangible, and motivating.

Mary Ann said…
Blogging may not be a full time pursuit but it can lead to above average income and a great way to drive traffic to your website. Use some tactics to make your blog more user-friendly and up-to-date. Your consistent blogging will help your product sales; traffic and links to your website will expand as well.