Pays $4 CPM for Videos You Embed on Your Site That People View... pays $4 CPM for videos bloggers embed on their sites that people view
by Paula Neal Mooney

I was poking around PayPerPost digging up my latest income numbers to report -- I promise they are coming soon! -- when I found an opportunity to blog about The News Room, a site that pays blogger these amounts when they embed news videos on their blogs and people watch them.

I'm pretty selective as to what I'll blog about thru paid blogging, but The News Room's premise intrigued me so much that I actually went so far as to sign up for free and test it out.

How to Embed The News Room Videos
Turns out it was pretty easy to click around on The News Room and set up a my custom feed by throwing an arbitrary title in the name field of something that interests me -- Internet.

Then I eventually chose the "All Providers" from the list of impressive news providers offering timely and relevant and interesting videos like UPI, AP and Wall Street Journal and more.

I saved it and previewed the video feed, hit the "mash" button, promised I'd read the legalese, entered my email and clicked next and got the video to embed right here (hope they're showing up on my feed, if not, come to my blog to see what I mean):

Getting Paid by The News Room
The News Room's FAQ page says that there's no fee to sign up. Check.

And that "all the content is fully licensed and supported by advertising revenue," which is a good thing so I don't have to worry about unlicensed videos disappearing that I've linked to.

About the moola, The News Room explains:

"Every news item from TheNewsRoom is combined with an advertising message when you mash it onto your site. When someone views it you earn 20% of the advertising revenue. Once the revenue you have earned reaches $50.00, you will receive a check. Payments are made on a monthly basis..."

My The News Room Earnings...
...will hopefully show up on my next month's income posting. This sounds like a win-win to me.

After all, I've been blogging and linking people to news videos without getting a cut of the advertising dough thus far -- it's about time somebody gave us more incentive to do so!


zaki said…
cool....another source of multiple streams of income for blogger...
Sherri said…
Paula, Thanks. I love it. I plan on signing up.
kystorms said…
whooo hooo, new bling for my blog :-) thank you Paula, for always giving such great advice and leads to goodies.

Hush said…
Its a definite MUST DO.

Their rate doesn't fluctuate like other providers.
Tricia said…
I've been using the News Room for about two weeks now and I love it. Sometime next week they'll have a way for us to track how much we are earning via video, text and image load and views.

At this time the videos don't show up in RSS feeds but I think they are working on that. Advertising on PPP and getting feedback from all the new users they gained has helped them tune the system.

Another thing you'll find, when you select a feed like the one you put in your post it will change as the content changes. If you find a news article or video that you want to blog about be sure to select the individual news item rather than a feed.

Also, when you post something from the newsroom encourage others to Mash (steal) your video, image or text News Room content as you'll make extra money that way.
Thanks, Tricia.

Yeah, I was wondering about all that.

Scott Nance said…

Thanks much for the heads up. This is great content to jazz up my blogs. I'd have signed up for this even without payment. That it adds an additional revenue stream is gravy, IMHO.

Thanks again,

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