Genarlow Wilson's Sex Video Tape -- Will Online Outrage Over Its Release Help Set the Honor Student Free from Prison? And what about the Jena Six?

by Paula Neal Mooney

By now nearly everybody has heard the plight of Genarlow Wilson, a 17-year-old honor student who should've been acing his SATs the day he was arrested on charges of rape, stemming from consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl as well as intercourse with another girl.

And now David McDade has released the videotape of Genarlow Wilson receiving oral sex at a party, claiming he was required to by law.

The unfairness of Genarlow Wilson's 10-year sentence even has Barack Obama championing his cause. Heck, I just might vote for that man yet...

I believe rape is wrong.

I believe child molestation is wrong.

I believe this is not why Genarlow Wilson is in prison.

Laws like this were designed to protect children from older scuzballs taking advantage of them, not to send a good kid to prison for what's been reported as consensual oral sex with a girl two years his junior.

There's such a thing as the letter of the law, and then there's the spirit of the law.

If all the sex that happened at the fateful party was in fact consensual, I believe that the two years Genarlow Wilson has more than paid for his supposed crime.

Thank goodness there weren't this many camcorders around when many of us were teenagers. There but for the grace of God were we covered....

Let's hope and pray that the new online outrage of the release of the videotape will do for Genarlow Wilson what it did for Shaquanda Cotton -- get him out of prison.

And I pray the Jena Six receives justice as well.

Keep your eyes on the prize...


theBarefoot said…
But can teenagers really have consensual sex? You have to wonder just what they are consenting to at 15. Either way, this kid didn't deserve 10 years.
zawadi said…
I hope this tape does help his case.
The only problem I see with this is that their were copies made and sent to people who needed to review this case. The video does not seal the identity of other juveniles in this case. I believe it was stopped because of they did not take into account that this was just child porn being sent out, that would eventually leak to the internet and God knows where else.
I do hope that they do something about the Laws in that state, because this is not the first case I have heard like this in Georgia. Like the case of Marcus Dixon in Georgia, who was eventually released.Oh and he was an Honor Student with no criminal record.
This all sounds like stories my grandmother would tell me that happened in the 40's.
Linky Love said…
Sent an army to a foreign country and just imagine how many untold rapes will follow...

Come to Asia and see all these older looking single men snatching up youngsters, not to mention the things we don't see...

Always easy to convict 1 person and set your mind free of the 99 others you didn't see doing anything and you don't want to look for :-(
BlogXilla said…
Great blog but before i comment let me just say that this is the longest comment rant i ever seen and damn it i loved it!!! I like to say about my blogs it's crowded but its still cozy what yall say have sorta feeling like a don the whole day!! lol Now on to Mr. Wilson I think it's an outrage GA is notorious for putting brothers under the jail when it comes down to stuff like this. this kids future was so bright and people fail to believe that kids do shit like this all the time. They do
tAnYeTTa said…
I have to admit, I have been much too consumed in toddlerism lately. I rarely get a chance to watch TV, READ the news or anything.

I've NEVER heard of any of these incidents:
Whites ONLY shaded tree at a school??????????????
in 2007?????????????????????

10 years for Osex? DAMMIT, I have a headache. I'm so sad right now. I cannot explain it.
Bonnie Calhoun said…
They've already reduced the charge to a misdemeaner, but the AG is appealing the judges decision.

When I was young the saying was, "15 will get you 20" I guess it's still true...especially here in New York, irregardless of whether it was consentual, or not!
cooliojones said…
All these politicians act like they are holier than thou and like they have never done it. Please, we all remember what was going on in high school, and this is so stupid. Romeo and Juliet were 13 way back in the day, so maybe they should have gotten stoned? Maybe if America wasn't so sex starved then a lot of this would just be overlooked, as it should be.
Chuck Gallagher said…
The outcome of this case will surely be decided within a week or two at the latest. But, beyond the minimum sentence issue, at hand, a larger question exists: what will Genarlow Wilson do to benefit others from his experience? Certainly, his sentence and incarceration has caused a law to be changed. One could say that is good. But beyond that, Genarlow is an example of a simple, yet profound, principle: Every choice has a consequence.

As former inmate from Federal prison, today I share with business executives and young people that simple message: Every choice has a consequence. And, while I am extraordinarily sympathetic to Mr. Wilson's plight, his example has helped other young people evaluate the power of their seemingly simple choices. As the founder of the Choices Foundation, perhaps Genarlow would consider stepping up and helping others understand the power of choice.

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