Skip to main content -- Scam or Abortion Prevention? -- scam or abortion prevention?by Paula Neal Mooney -- it's a site I learned about today from a fellow writer.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007 Update: I'm getting so much feedback about and virtual proof that it's a scam, thought I'd update this post.

Snopes has great insight into's fake hate email received.

The also have a cache of the blog page they claim is from the site creator, which is good, because the original supposed site creator's entry seems gone.

Pro-life or pro-choice, I know there are probably better ways to go about "transferring wealth from the wicked to the righteous," and whatever the intention, this probably ain't the right way.

C'est la la vie, that is.

Original post:
The owners claim to be a young couple that's pregnant and threatening to abort their baby if they don't get $50,000 from online donations in 83 days, as of this writing.

The site creators have used InvisiHosting, so you can't tell who they are to really know if this is legit.

And a "Who is?" search on the domain name owners of turned up little info.

Of course, reading the whole "Help My Baby Live, Please" thing smacks of a scam -- but their current donations are reportedly up to $10,200 -- no doubt from empathetic givers who are hoping to save the life of a child, on the off-chance that isn't a scam.

If is a scam, the site creators will get their just desserts soon enough.

But what if it isn't?

There are other ways for expectant couples to get help -- yet maybe this drastic measure will get fast results.

Ah...true or not just seems sad, sad, sad.

Many of you know my abortion stance. And I though I support needy children already here thru places like Christian Children's Fund and the pro-bono writing I do for Sisters in Service, admittedly I need to do more for children on the other side of the birth canal.

But reading the rhetoric on doesn't seem like the real deal.

At least the kind souls who actually gave something probably did so out of the purity of their own hearts, and they will be blessed beyond measure -- despite where the money goes.

What do you all think?

Would you give to


I think it's a scam, and if it isn't...God help those creatins for holding that baby's life hostage for a $50,000 ransom!
EastPAWZ said…
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EastPAWZ said…
I don't know if it's a scam or not, babies are aborted for different reasons. Some people assume they cannot provide for a child, or it's to soon and they may not have setup a nest egg yet. I though that way when I got pregnant- (that I couldn't possibly do this)and I was wrong. Abortion never entered my mind. I have a huge family and my sons grandparents were supportive. When you love someone so much, you will find a way out of no way. There are so many programs to help young couples get on their feet after a child is born. Like finishing school or university, work, free child care,etc.. I hope that the money that was donated will be used for a good cause.
Anonymous said…
Hey, you are in USA, do what any US citizen do. Call the police and all the other stuff.
1. if it's a scam, they go to jail because of the scam AND/OR because they pretended to kill someone
2. if it's not a scam they go to jail because they blackmailed ppl

The only reason they could let be free is if they have some sort of free speech thing on their site.

I think that some newspaper will find this story interesting.

Let me know when they go to jail, please.

Uhm. maybe I'm wrong though..Maybe if they abort early enough, it's not considered as blackmail, because the baby is not considered a person yet.
Anonymous said…
anyway, the anonymous webhosting thing sounds like bullsh*t. What's more anonymous on it than any other webhost?
The only things that need to be anonymous are:
- your provider shouldn't give away your info to anyone who calls (thats normal)
- your whois information (mine are secret and I paid only 9$ for the domain & the anonymous stuff (actually it was all free))

This sounds like the dumb scam to get a good PR. Please paula remove all the links and leave just the text.
After 80-90 days the page will disappear, but the url will redirect to the hosting company, this way they will get some good link to boost their PR.
Anonymous said…
For me it's a scam. I don't believe this. I hope nobody will do it for real. Everybody should love their babies....I love mine...
Paris David said…
Yeah Bonnie,
It smells like a scam to me too. Overall, it just seems really sad.

If there is truly a baby involved, I pray they have it and are okay.

Hi Zawadi
You did a good thing. Something I didn't always do. Thank God for forgiveness.

And plenty of people freak out when they find themselves pregnant with no resources. It's so great you had your family to help.

I do believe the newspapers will pick up on this crazy story too.

OH! And how does one block there whois information? I'm just curious.

Can you do it thru GoDaddy or CheapNames or wherever different people buy their domain names from?

I think I read that somewhere how to do it. Thanks, as always.

I want to follow this story and see where it leads.

You sound like a wonderful father.

I love the beautiful pictures of your family on your site.

Take care all,
jhuber7672 said…
Smells scammy, but who knows these days.

Reminds me of this site:, (A site created a few years ago, claiming they would kill and eat the bunny if thousands of dollars in donations weren't received).
Anonymous said…
I think it is a scam.

I didn't have 50k in the bank when either of my kids were born and we've been able to raise them. If both parents stick together and work hard they should be able to make it.

It will be interesting to see what you dig up on this.
Anonymous said…
I think that site got scam written all over it. It's a clever way to steal people's traffic and make some quick cash from Adsense and from whoever is going to donate. Many people don't have money to raise their children, what they do is get a second or even three jobs and raise them with whatever money they have.. they don't consider abortion as an option.
I agree with maurizio, Paula. They don't deserve to be linked to at all.
Theo J. said…
I say scam. There are so many sick people in this world. Some people will do anything for a dollar.

My wife and I have been blessed to be able to provide for our child, but even if we weren't able, abortion wouldn't have been an option. When you have sex, there's a chance you might have a baby! Do people not realize this? If money is an issue, there are programs and organizations to contact for help. Put the baby up for adoption. There's no reason for this type of behavior.

BTW, you can get a private domain from godaddy. That way people can't see anything. I think I've also heard, not all registrars show up in whois.
Paris David said…
Yeah, I think you all are right.

Probably a sick way to try and get money.

But there is no Adsense on the site, Dee, if you see. (I guess they figure they can get all the money thru donations.)

Thanks, Theo, for the additional domain info.
This is fascinating. What a unique angle. Being an adoptive dad of 4 and guardians to 2, I've seen all kinds of ads for people looking to entice young mothers to give up their babies for adoption, etc.

By the way, I did an interview with a fascinating business and it's loaded on my site.
Anonymous said…
Yes there is Adsense.. on the left. Am I the only one who sees it o_O?
Paris David said…
Ooohhh, Dee - you're right! I'm wrong!

I don't know how I missed those Adsense ads before.

And the total is up to $12,500 now.

Well, I always rely on the verse that says "When the Lord adds the wealth, He brings no trouble with it."

The money God blesses me with is blessed, not filthy lucre.

Any other ill-gotten gain will only bring trouble to its seekers.

Maybe that's why Biggie sang about "More money, more trouble..."

My theme song is more like Israel & New Breed, "Turn it around, open the windows of heaven, pour out a blessing, overflow..."

"Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom." Luke 6:38
Incognito said…
I find the whole thing disgusting. It's reprehensible either way. Whether it's a cheap way to scam kindhearted people out of their hard earned money, by playing on their emotions or not...

I don't care what they think, if they were legit they would give the *baby* up for adoption, with so many people dying to have a child.
Anonymous said…
Whether it's a scam or not, it's very crass.
Unknown said…
smacks of edgy marketing to me. ew.
Kelly said…
OMG-That site makes me so MAD! Especially if there is a baby involved! If they have that baby it should be taken away from them.

I would say to everyone don't donate, but good hearted people would feel that if they do not they baby would be aborted. This is so wrong. Some people are really sick.
Anonymous said…
I think it's a scam or joke. There's nothing wrong with anonymous hosting, but I doubt any company who already has to deal with protecting the customer's ID would also handle their donations (for a cause they probably don't support, at the risk of losing their paypal account).

MOST IMPORTANTLY. There's a lot of things wrong with anonymous begging! It's stupid to give donations to somebody you haven't seen, not even a picture of. In fact, I'm sure the $13K raised up to date was all fake.
Michelle said…
I am usually not shocked by news, etc I read on the internet- but this blew my mind... I saw a posting about this site over on cafemom. Most weird internet things I just let blow by me, but I had to check the local newspaper in LA. (there was a local news story down there on it in on June 21, 2007) and then check out these nuts website. I really hope it is a scam & that these are just scammers of the cruelest nature possible and that there is no baby actually involved in this. These people need prayers and a smack upside the head.
-Michelle Gartner
Paris David said…
Yeah, one of my readers sent me more info about the site, and his research into whom he thinks created the site.

(I'm not linking to the proof because it's a racist white supremacist site.)

Anyway, he let me know that the site creator was shut down by PayPal, and last I checked, they (he, whomever) was trying to find another means to collect fund.

We shall see...
Anonymous said…
I sure hope that somebody has saved the pages from the google cache? A cache does not last forever, usually only a couple of day!
Anonymous said…
i am sure it is a scum!
Paris David said…

Some anonymous person just posted the (home?) address and phone number of the person it is widely believed to be responsible for the site.

I saved the info but deleted the comment from public viewing. Hopefully the site creator feels bad enough for what has been done, and seeks forgiveness.

Thanks all,
Anonymous said…

This scam was uncovered by an Austin tv station. Matthew Schiros was behind the entire thing. He claims that he only collected about $10.00 and that it has since been returned. A subpoena for his financial records has since been issued. The link above will take you to the reported story on keye tv.
Anonymous said…
I wrote a couple of articles on this issue in AC web site. If you like to read please check Them out!

Rafael B.
Anonymous said…
Si quieres practicar espaniol con este tema por favor lee este articulo. gracias. rafael

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