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by Paula Neal Mooney

Google Hot Trends Lab web site is alive!

I just threw my hands in the air when I read on about a new site named Google Trends Lab that gives up-to-date, current information about the hot searches people are typing into Google.

Google Trends Lab is a blogger's dream, especially for those looking to bring up their search-engine traffic.

For example, in the current #2 search position is Julianne Hough.

google trends lab hot web site dot com hot searches nowUse Google Suggest and Trend Labs Combined
A quick check of Google Suggest Labs lets me know that folks are hot and heavy for "Julianne Hough Mormon" info, as well as "Julianne Hough engaged" queries.

(I'd never heard of her, but turns out Julianne Hough is not engaged anymore, and the Mormon wedding Julianne Hough planned was called off.)

Google Trends Labs Features
What's even cooler about Google Trends lab is that they provide a neat graph as pictured here showing how the search term is peaking during the day, related searches, news articles and blog posts related to the hot search term.julianne hough pictures pix photos trend height weight

Here's hoping this will bring plenty more search-engine traffic to our blogs!


Laura said…
Thanks for the lead Paula! I will definitely check into this new tool.
Mig said…
OK, I have a problem... I don't understand how this works... Could you please elaborate?
Hi Laura -
Man I hope your blog email subscription is turned on now.

I will check. I'd love to get your blog in my inbox!

Hi Mig
Sorry if I wasn't clear on this. I was rushing I was so excited to find out about Google Trends labs.

Anyway, what you can do with Google Trends Labs is three fold:

1 - Get blog ideas
Right now on Google Trends Labs, today's hot trends are Rosie and Elizabeth.

What's up with Rosie and Elizabeth people may wonder? Well, they had a verbal fight on The View today, so folks are searching and searching.

2 - Learn what to title and tag your posts
If you look at the related search terms, you'll see that Rosie and Elizabeth fight on The View is peaking right now.

3 - Use Google Suggestions Labs... figure out how many results are already out there about the topic, and other related search-terms.

For example, if you type Rosie Elizabeth into Google Suggestions Labs, you'll see that folks are typing in those names along with "feud" and "fight" and other things.

Now that tells you -- for those who have that sort of entertainment blog -- that if you create a blog post titled "Rose and Elizabeth Fight on The View," you have a better chance of getting blog traffic because you know what people are searching for en masse.

(But this is only in the case of not many blog posts already out there containing the title "Rose and Elizabeth Fight on The View" already. Keep searching around for specific terms that are still being hotly searched for without many results already created from other websites.)

Make sense?
This comment has been removed by the author.
I forgot to mention, Google Suggest Labs gives you the number of results already existing for the search-terms you type in, as you can see in the screenshot in this post.

I tend to think the search-terms listed at the top are the most popular, because it's obviously not sorted by results.

For example, see how "Julianne Hough engaged" only has 949 results in the screenshot I included in this blog post?

And that's the 4th search-term listed when you type "Julianne Hough" right now into Google Suggests lab.

So that told me I had a better shot at getting traffic on that topic, so you'll noticed that the labels, or "tags" on this blog post and the images I included contain the words "Julianne Hough engaged" among others, and that is getting this post good traffic.
Swapw said…

Nice informative info on the Trend web site, I will have to go and take a look.

Bonnie Calhoun said…
that's good the the engagement broke up...LOL...her parents had went so far as having her kidnapped to stop her from marrying!

Did you see the fight on The View was hysterical!
maurizio said…
Not to ruin your post, but that tool is some years old.
They are just starting to use a more updated database.
Yeah, I was up late looking around on Google Trends Labs, I was so excited. I'm such a web nerd...

Hey Bonnie Bonnie!
That was some kind of verbal smackdown! I almost cried when Elisabeth was about to cry at one point.

But the funny thing is, I can see both Rosie's viewpoint and Elisabeth's point of view.

They've both stepped up the game and represent two differing views that need to be heard.

Rosie has opened my eyes to a lot of things, and Elizabeth has strengthened my resolve in other things.

And Sherri Shepherd is hilarious! I knew she was on there as soon as I checked my stats and saw all the people searching for her.

What do you think about her getting back together with her hubby? I'm glad they're working it out!

Don't worry, you never ruin my posts -- you only make them better!

I'd never even heard of the Google Trends Labs tool before, but I'm glad they're using more recent data now.

It's so good at showing the spikes in traffic, and it's great for my SEO blog that I write purely for search-engine traffic.

On that one I can post as much as I want (just about) every day, and those 30 - 100 people that find that blog every day can be led on over here if they are interested enough in the header I put over there to come check me out.

Donbizblogger said…
This information should be helpful since I want to start one or two more blogs. Do these topics stretch out over a month or do they cover day to day? I'll check it out more closely.
Hey Don
Yes, that's what I'm thinking, too. That these ideas are great for blogging ideas for other niche blogs people look to set up.

And I believe Google is pulling info daily, not necessarily on the top popular topics, but the peaking and rising popular topics, which is even better because we have a chance to write about subjects that are rising in popularity before they become too popular.

Yeah, Google Trends Lab has info on what info they use. I read somewhere that it's updated twice per day.

I like it more than Technorati's Popular list and Yahoo Buzz Log and Overture Keyword Tool right now (though all 3 combined give great info) because with Google Trends Labs you get to see more of the actual search terms typed in.
diogenes said…
Thanks for this lead. I am sure going to see what Google Hot Trends do for me.
kystorms said…
hey there Paula!!

Long time no see :-) I missed reading your blog. Was involved in the Jericho Fan Club, sadly that is no longer a event I am involved in - RL is too important to me right now.
This post of yours has helped me see something I had missed in the niche blog topic, thanks for writing this one!
My daughter has taken your advice here to heart and she and I are working together to write a blog for a topic she really loves a ton! She sends her thanks to you.
as usual, awesome post, hope to talk with you soon.

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