Making more money writing for A matter of time and chance...

Making more money writing for A matter of time and chance...

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I've still been on the grind writing articles, at times writing more for them than my own sites.

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It's interesting to see the articles that make it into Google News versus those that don't.

Some days I'll write a bunch of articles and none make it into Google News -- thankfully, other days I'll write a bunch of pieces and a good number of them make it into Google News.

Plus, I've fallen in love with the basic editor even more than the advanced mode.

It helps when I want to write fast and not worry about fiddling around with dropping Google Analytics code into a piece, which I haven't done much of lately.

Sure, on those good days when I pull in over 70 bucks or more for all my pageviews, I do wonder which articles pulled the views -- hopefully with's coming redesign we'll get pageview per piece info -- but I'm more focused on getting up pieces and trying to figure out the rhyme or reason for the ones that make it in Google News and those that don't.

Like Solomon wrote, "time and chance happen to them all."


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