New Amazon Studios test movie clip video

I am having a ball creating video clips on Amazon Studios that will eventually become one at-least-70-minutes-long test movie that will take home the top prizes in 2011.

So for those of you with a creative bend that love writing, I suggest you throw your hat in the ring and write a script "quick fast and in a hurry" and try your hand at creating videos, too.

I've been so into YouTube and the creations folks are coming up with and the variety of ways people use YouTube -- plus using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection V14 for creating movie clips.

At first I felt bad since I'm not yet using Final Cut Studio on a new Mac Book Pro and the like, but this kid on YouTube gave me inspiration yesterday.

He has some fabulous movies, and he urged his viewers and readers to just borrow a video camera if they didn't have one, saying it's all about the creative process, not the "non-top-of-the-line" equipment.

Stay tuned for more video clips, and give me some views and comments over on Amazon Studios, please.