paying $20,000 to winning writers of screenplay contest paying $20,000 to winning writers of screenplay contest

I'm so geeked that has launched this new screenwriting competition on Amazon Studios -- I uploaded my script From Slut to Saint on their website Friday, December 3, 2010.

If you're a writer with a great screenplay sitting around your laptop -- or with one in your head -- I suggest you polish it up and enter the contest.

It's not like your average, every day screenplay where you see a lot of hype combined with a hefty entry fee. Amazon Studios' competition is free to enter.

Plus, they've partnered with Warner Brothers Pictures in an exclusive first-look deal that will get the top writers' work at least seen -- and hopefully green-lighted -- by Hollywood insiders.

It's so cool how God brought this competition around in a time where I'd written the script in 2009, and finally gathered the latest revision up again in Windows Explorer before I'd even heard of Amazon Studios.

And the night I discovered it whilst searching for video capture software on -- and saw their meager little link off to Amazon Studios, seemingly put there just for my eyes alone that blessed evening -- I dug up that script and took days and days to rewrite.

A combination of factors play into who will be the first winners announced in January. But here's praying I win... and whatever writer is reading this post now, perhaps that other $20k prize is just for you!